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On 17. July 1918, Czar Nicholas II, his wife the Czarina, and their five children were executed along with four loyal servants in the basement of the now-infamous Ipatiev House in Ekaterinburg, Russia (sometimes Yekaterinburg). Soon, rumor leaked out that one or more of the Imperial children had actually survived the massacre. Somehow the public focused on Anastasia even before the Romanovs' remains were recovered and it was revealed that her bones as well as those of her brother Alexis (sometimes Alexei or Alexey) were missing. In 1997, the focus again returned to Anastasia with a new animated movie, and my every-present curiosity concerning the story was again aroused. I have read, seen, and heard much, but I have yet to form a conclusion. Perhaps Anastasia survived; perhaps she didn't. Here, I offer to my fellow true-mystery-lovers some sources of information, as well as some "other" links (for instance, the link to the historically inaccurate but entertaining animated film), and some of my favourite pictures gathered in my search of the Web. Have fun.

I would like to dedicate this page to the memory not of an overthrown czar nor of his misunderstood wife, but to the memory of four young women who never had the chance to grow old and a boy who never got to grow up. Especially I dedicate it to the memory of one seventeen- year-old Grand Duchess whose mystery continues to puzzle us and who may never leave us alone. Olga, Tatiana, Marie, Alexis, and especially Anastasia--this one's for you.

Note: The missing pictures are back! Check them out.

Picture Gallery:
Here are some pictures of Anastasia, her family, and other things related to her. I have provided a breif description where possible.

Links: These are just some related sites--some good, some not so good. For those interested in puzzles, I recommend "Clicking Anastasia".

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