The Bold and the Not So Beautiful

OK, so it's not a very original title. Gimme a break; this is my first attempt at something like this. I got the idea from Kent M. Pitman's "Another Way Out", which spoofs The Young and the Restless in an attempt to teach the People In Charge something. (As you can see, this one's about The Bold and the Beautiful.) I doubt that my fumblings here will be as good, or that anyone from CBS will really come look at this, but I'm going to do it anyway, in the vain hope that I might accomplish something.

Before I go any farther, a disclaimer: None of this is endorsed by CBS, the Bells, or anyone else. Nor is this intended as anything but what Mr. Pitman's doing: exploring other possibilities for storylines and maybe providig a lesson for certain writers. Unlike Mr. Pitman, I do not read the newsgroups about soaps, so this is all just my personal opinion. Feedback, however, is always welcome!

OK, so here's the list of episodes. Pretty paltry right now, I know. I'll try to get new ones up on a regular basis, but no promises.

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