Episode 1: Threes

Posted 28. July 1999

As the episode opens, we see Macy standing in Thorne's house. Thorne looks exasperated. "Please?" Macy begs. "Thorne, you know we were meant for each other! Marry me. Tonight." We get the feeling that she's said this before. Thorne interrupts her. "Do you really think this will work, Macy? It's impossible." "Nothing is impossible unless you let it me!" "Oh, yeah? Then why have we been married to each other twice already? I'm glad the fashion show went the way it did. What could I have been thinking? The third time isn't the charm in marriages!" "But--but--I just want everything to be perfect. My family's getting back together, I have a sister and a dad again. I want you back too." "Macy, forget it. Twice is more than most people live through. Let's just get over each other and go on with our lives." At that moment, Brooke wanders out of the kitchen wearing only a very lacy bra and even more revealing panties. "Oh, am I interrupting something?" she asks in her sweetest Brooke-Logan-Forrester voice. Macy's eyes pop out. "Thorne! You're still sleeping with her?" "Well, not really, Mace--we were doing some research. See, Brooke developed this chemical that--" Macy stomps out without letting him finish. "Finally," Thorne mutters.

Brooke, meantime, has disappeared. We see her next in her bedroom. She peeks into the hallway to make sure no one is looking before opening a secret compartment behind a painting on the wall. She takes three "Ken" dolls from the compartment, and we notice that one is dresed as Ridge, one as Eric, and one as Thorne. She pets the "Thorne" doll's head. "I know we'll be together someday. Just me and my collection," she murmurs.

Taylor hears a strange noise coming from outside her house. She glances around and notices that Little Thomas is gone! Worried, she moves toward the sound, hoping that it will be her little baby, safe and sound. Outside, under the deck, she finds a hunched-over figure coughing, grunting, and snorting. She sees only one big eye and part of a muzzle before a rabid dog jumps out, snarling at her and getting a good bite in before running off. Taylor realises that the dog was sick and washes her hands. Then she starts to think about what could happen if the dog really was rabid and, overcome with emotion, succumbs to a panic attack.

Ridge finds himself with time on his hands when a meeting is cancelled. He tells Megan to tell Taylor that the meeting is still on. Having done so, he slips off to Brooke's house, where he finds his ex-wife lounging in an expensive evening gown. She smiles and beckons to him.

Much later, Ridge stops by the flower shop on the way home. When he gets to the house, though, he finds himself obliged to rush Taylor to the hospital, where they are told that their babies' chances of being born alive are very slim, between the rabies and the panic attack.

Back at Stephanie's guest house, Amber and Rick are preparing for a night on the twon. Stephanie comes in just as they are leaving. "Have a good time," she says with a matronly smile. "I'm sure Little Eric and I will be fine." "We'll be back later," Amber says by way of reply. "Be sure not to let Becky hold him." "Whyever not?" "Well, it's just that she's been very nervous lately and I'm afraid she might drop him." "Oh, all right," Stephanie agrees. Amber and Rick leave. Stephanie sighs and turns toward the kitchen door. "You can come in now. Becky." Becky walks in. "Off with the diaper," she says. "I just know that birthmark's there." Stephanie carefully removes Baby Eric's diaper to reveal...

...nary a birthmark in sight.

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