Episode 2: Gains and Losses

Posted 12. Aug 99

Taylor, suspecting she has tuberculosis, is sitting on the couch in her living room. She goes into a coughing fit. Ridge immediately rushes to her side. As the fit ends, he says, "Doc, I really think you ought to take your medicine." She replies, "I know that it's been tested and it's safe for the babies, but I just can't do it! I just can't put them in danger like that!" "Well, it's time to go to the hospital for the results of your test." "I know. I'm ready; let's go."

At the hospital, the doctor confirms Taylor's suspicions. She has another coughing fit and then nearly has a panic attack, clinging to Ridge with the very hands she just used to cover her mouth while coughing. "Here, Doc," Ridge says, handing her a bottle of anitbacterial gel. "Thanks," she sniffles, and disinfects her hands. "We'll have to do a chest X-ray," the doctor begins. "WHAT????????" Taylor screams. "Hey, it's OK. Remember, if you die, so do the babies," the doctor reminds her. "Oh. Yeah. OK, well, as long as they're safe."

Meanwhile, Thorne is making out with Brooke in her bedroom. Stephanie shakes off the sleeping pill Thorne gave her and gets up. Groggily, she makes her way downstairs and grabs a knife. Finding Thorne and Brooke together, she pulnges the knife down--into Thorne's back. "Must... put you... out of your... misery..." she mumbles.

At Forrester, Amber barges in on Eric in the middle of an interview. "Amber, I'm busy," he says. "I know, but--" she begins. "Amber, I'm busy," he repeats. "Please wait outside. I'll see you for a moment when I'm done interviewing this young lady." "But I'm family and I need to talk!" she wails. "Outside, Amber," he says firmly.

After the interview is over and Amber has begged time for her cousin, Becky shows up for the interview in a stunning evening gown, complete with an airy scarf wrapped around her neck and a cute little matching purse. Her hair is pulled up into a simple, yet elegant bun. "Mr. Forrester," she murmurs. "How nice of you to see me on such short notice." Eric's jaw drops--he hadn't expected Hick-Girl to have any sophistication whatsoever. Amber faints. "Why, Becky," Eric stammers. "Please, please--sit down." She does so, producing some papers from her purse. "My resume, Mr. Forrester." "This is quite impressive." "What do you mean, impressive?" Amber interrupts, reviving herself. "Let me see that." She scans Becky's resume. "When did you find time to do all this? I thought the only job you'd ever had was cleaning that dumb motel in Furnace Creek!" "Well, Amber, you haven't been around for a while. And with nothing to do out in Furnace Creek, I decided to volunteer here and there, experiment a little with advertising, that sort of thing." Amber stares. "Well, surely you knew. After all, you said I'd be perfect for this job. Do you want me out of town or not?" "Out of town? Why would I want you out of town?" "Because you don't want me to find out you've got my baby." Amber faints again. "So, Becky, let's talk business," Eric says. "Please, call me Rebecca. I use it for business--I think it sounds more dignified."

Meanwhile, over at the college, Rick is moping around his dorm room. "I'll never have noisy roommates," he moans. "Never wake up with a hangover. Never get to go out and get pizza at 3am." He paces some more. "I'll never get to complain about the elevator not working or about the awful cafeteria food. And I'll never get to go through Initiation at a fraternity!" He starts to cry. Kimberly enters the room. "Hey, you coming to the party?" "What party?" "The Freshman party tonight! Come on, it'll be fun." "Fun." "Yeah, you know. Fun." She sits down on the bed; so does he. "Kimberly, I don't want to have fun." "Why not?" "Because I don't want to get used to it. I have a wife and baby. I can't just pick up and do whatever like most college kids can." "Well, forget about them," she suggests. "How?" Kimberly leans closer. "I'm sure you can think of something." Rick hangs his head as if in sorrow; really, we can see he's looking down her dress. "I don't know, Kimberly. I can't just throw it all away." She looks confused. "Throw it away? I'm only talking about going to the dance!" Rick puts his eyes back on her face where they belong. "Oh. Yeah. Uh, sure, let's go."

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