Episode 3: Putting Two and Two Together

Posted 18. Aug 99

Rick and Kimberly are standing around in Rick's temporary dorm room. Kimberly's eyes are all watery, and we get the impression that she has just said something of great importance. "Kimberly--" Rick begins. "No. Don't say it," she interrupts. "I'm tired of it, Rick. I'm tired of you whining about Amber. I don't want to hear what a great responsibility it is. Tonight you have no responsibilities. You are a normal college guy for one night. Let's make the most of it." "Uh... Kimberly, what if my roommates walk in on us?" "Walk in on you?" "Yeah. This is a dorm room. I have roommates." "You didn't get a single?" "No, they were all taken by people who will live on campus the whole school year." "Oh." "So you see, you and I can't have sex tonight--" He is interrupted by a painful, very audible slap across his face. "Have sex?" Kimberly asks angrily. "I don't think so, Rick! Haven't you learned your lesson? All I wanted was to sleep next to you tonight." "Woah. Woah, hold on. I'm sorry. It's just that when you said 'make the most of it'... Well, that's what it sounded like. You're right, I've learned my lesson." He smiles. "We could lock my roommates out--or just let them wonder." The heat fades from Kimberly's eyes and she begins to smile, too. She locks the door. "Can I borrow a T-shirt to sleep in?" "Yeah, got one right here that ought to cover you." He hands her the shirt and starts to turn away. He does, however, catch a glimpse of the "backless bra" she's wearing under her dress. "Ouch," he comments. "Are you okay?" "Yeah, it's just that... That thing looks painful." "Oh. It is. It's very uncomfortable to sleep in." "So why are you?" "I'm not," she replies, reaching under the T-shirt to unhook the undergarment and dropping it onto the floor near the bed. Rick strips down to his boxers and the two of them climb into bed, finally falling asleep... back to back.

Gladys arrives at Amber and Rick's for Becky's makeover. "She's supposed to make me more stylish?" Becky asks dubiously. "Well, she may be a little strange, but at least she doesn't wear those ridiculous fuzzy ponytail things from the 80's!" Amber replies. Gladys nearly walks out, dismissing Becky as hopeless, but finally agrees to stay. The first New Becky is decked out Audrey Hepburn-style. Amber sighs. "This is a JOB INTERVIEW, Gladys!" Gladys tries again. This time, Becky looks like a strict old schoolteacher. Tawny shakes her head. "We don't want to frighten Eric." Gladys sighs. Her eye falls on a copy of Y & R's Most Memorable Moments and she gets an idea. Soon, Becky has been turned into a clone of Victoria Newman! Satisfied, Amber and Tawny welcome the new Becky with open arms.

Up at the Forrester house, Stephanie is changing Little Eric's diaper. "Aren't you cuuuuute," she coos. Then she wrinkles her nose. "Stinky, too. Phew!" As she wipes Little Eric's butt off, the camera zooms in on the birthmark. "And such a cute little birthmark," Stephanie notes. "Just like a little heart!"

The Next Morning

Kimberly awakens to find Rick already up and moving about. "Come back to bed," she suggests sleepily. "I can't," he says regretfully. "I have to go home to Amber and Little Eric." Kimberly sighs. "You'll never know how much this means to me, Rick. I'll never forget it." She strips off the T-shirt. Rick stares as she replaces the undergarment she had taken off the previous night and climbs back into her dress. "I had a dream last night," she tells him. "About you." "Me?" "Well, I fell asleep thinking of you, so it's only natural." "How sweet." "I went through all this terrible stuff. And you were always there. Always protecting me. And it made Amber mad, but you didn't care." Rick just smiles sadly. Kimberly sighs. "Well, I'd better go change and get to the assembly." She leaves. Rick watches her go and, when the door is safely closed behind her, shakes his head. "I knew I was missing something good. I didn't know how good."

In the hall, CJ watches Kimberly close the door behind her and walk off. He notes that she is still wearing the dress from the previous night. A grim look crosses his face and he barges into Rick's room. "What do you think you're doing?" he demands of his ex-best friend. "I'm trying to get dressed," Rick replies, confused. "That's not what I mean. No wonder your roommates were complaining about being locked out. You're not content with ruining your own life--you have to ruin hers, too! Rick, I like her and all, but if she gets pregnant, I swear I am NOT marrying her just to give your bastard kid a name!" "Huh?"

Stephanie finds Becky in the kitchen. "Why, hello, Victoria," she says, surprised. "I didn't realise you were here." "Victoria's in Genoa City," Becky corrects. "It's just me. Becky Moore." "Becky! Wow. You look stupendous!" "Thanks." Becky grins. "I liked these clothes so much I just couldn't wear anything else today." "So you're probably going for your interview?" "Yeah. I mean, yes. I'm sorry. I try to remember everything Lauren told me about talkin'--talking--but it's a little hard sometimes." "It's OK, just don't forget during the interview. So you really want this job?" "Yes, I do. But..." "But what?" "Well, as weird as it sounds, I'll miss Little Eric more than anyone." "Well, I'm sure it's some sort of maternal instinct." "Yeah. Maybe that's why Amber won't let me hold Eric." "She won't?" "No. Maybe her maternal instincts are acting up." "You'll understand when you have a child of your own." "But I do! I gave him up for adoption. I couldn't hardly--I mean, I couldn't support him in my situation. It was for the best." She smiles happily. "I'll always remember how he looked. I held him just once before I gave him up... He had the cutest little birthmark on his bu--I mean, his bottom." Stephanie frowns. "Heart-shaped?" "Yeah, how did you know?"

Rick comes home. Amber welcomes him in her shrillest voice, not noticing that he looks unhappy. As she hugs him, though, she tenses. "What's that?" "What?" "Perfume. You're wearing Love's Baby Soft? But that's what Kimberly..." Her eyes widen. "You indecent little toad! You could at least have taken a shower!" She storm off to the bedroom. Rick sighs, shrugs, and sits down on the couch.

In the bedroom, Amber starts to play with Little Eric. She bounces him on her knee and coos at him. However, he's far more interested in the cool shiny things hanging from her ears. He reaches up and grabs an earring. Amber screams as he tugs hard enough to draw blood. Deciding this isn't a good idea, Eric instead goes for the necklace she's wearing. Amber begins to turn blue for a moment before the necklace breaks. "You little brat!" she tells her son.

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