Looking for Change in the Morning Sun

by Joy Davis

Looking for change in the morning sun.
Only finding yesterday with passing gray.
Accepting the similarities of the morning rays
     that Iíve already seen a thousand times.
I know the rules but laugh at the guidelines
     that they create.
Pushing me to the sea where the water is
     never the same.
Hoping I havenít missed the changing ways of the waves
     somewhere in my nightmare filled dreams.
God help me to find the peace of brighter days
     the man sings of, with grace.
But I only see gray in the brightest of colors.
My eyes have been erased of different shades.
My hope fades, as I walk in the hours
     that pass with empty hands and broken hearts.
Realizing change will never show his face.
And Iím left to live and die in this
     same shallow place.

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