The Wonderr of Dairy Cows

by Mike Shields

Without dairy cows where would we be
Goats everywhere thatís what you would see
Dairy cows make milk
far better than any worm can spin silk
The milk from the cow can make cheese
All any other animal can do is tease
I like the cheese in my chili
much better than any Billyís (Goat)
Without the Ice Cream where would our world be
All the truck-men without a job
theyíd have to sell their soul and work for the mob
No dairy cows what a threat
who could think of such a fret
The chocolate malt is made with the help of a cow
it makes the little kids shout wow
Dairy Cows are smarter by far
A goat canít drive a car
or go to the whiskey bar
Sure the cows look like fools
but they donít eat your tools
The world should know that Dairy Cows are true
I hope this poem doesnít make lactose intolerant people blue

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