The 3001 (Or Slightly Less) Flavours

We Forumers are attempting to come up with more ice cream flavours than Baskin-Robbins. We easily surpassed the 31 flavours. Maybe eventually we'll put them out of business. *G*
Unless otherwise noted, the non-standard flavours were dreamed up by Sara F. Ideas for flavours such as Fuzzy Green Aluminum Siding and Betsy's Tutti-Frutti Garbage Delight may have come from elsewhere; credit is given to the person who suggested it as an ice cream flavour.

With the new page, numbering starts over at 1, so you'll just have to trust Sara about how many flavours there are.

Current Count: 1450

  1. pillow stuffing (created by Cheerful)
  2. scotch tape (created by Cheerful)
  3. dental floss (created by Cheerful)
  4. pan scrapings (created by Cheerful)
  5. torn-up love letter (created by Cheerful)
  6. rock salt (created by Cheerful)
  7. kitty litter (created by Cheerful)
  8. snowflake (created by Cheerful)
  9. hole-punch scraps (created by Cheerful)
  10. pearl barley (created by Cheerful)
  11. dryer lint (created by Cheerful)
  12. candle drippings (created by Cheerful)
  13. garlic peel (created by Cheerful)
  14. water (created by Cheerful)
  15. table scraps (created by Cheerful)
  16. barbeque (created by Cheerful)
  17. salt&vinegar (created by Cheerful)
  18. Cheese doodle (created by Cheerful)
  19. pepperoni&extra cheese (created by Cheerful)
  20. ham&pineapple (created by Cheerful)
  21. clam dip (created by Cheerful)
  22. surf&turf (created by Cheerful)
  23. chicken soup (created by Cheerful)
  24. corn chowder (created by Cheerful)
  25. french fry (created by Cheerful)
  26. nacho's and salsa (created by Cheerful)
  27. chef salad (created by Cheerful)
  28. caesar salad (created by Cheerful)
  29. ranch dressing (created by Cheerful)
  30. shag carpet (created by Cheerful)
  31. keyboard plaque (created by Cheerful)
  32. soap scum (created by Cheerful)
  33. gum wrapper comic (created by Cheerful)
  34. curds&whey (created by Cheerful)
  35. poutine (created by Cheerful)
  36. hot dog (created by Cheerful)
  37. bandaid (created by Cheerful)
  38. dish detergent (created by Cheerful)
  39. postcard (created by Cheerful)
  40. grass clippings and leaves (created by Cheerful)
  41. compost pile (created by Cheerful)
  42. biodegradable (created by Cheerful)
  43. unscented (created by Cheerful)
  44. beer (created by Cheerful)
  45. non-dairy (created by Cheerful)
  46. chicken nugget (created by Cheerful)
  47. moisturizing (created by Cheerful)
  48. static cling (created by Cheerful)
  49. faux fur (created by Cheerful)
  50. invisible (created by Cheerful)
  51. hot cocoa (created by Cheerful)
  52. golf ball (created by Cheerful)
  53. fried rice (created by Cheerful)
  54. bread (created by Cheerful)
  55. recycled (created by Cheerful)
  56. Cream of spam (joint project of everyone at Chat 12. Dec 97)
  57. Microoft Bug (created by Andrew F)
  58. Icy Hot (created by Andrew F)
  59. Frozen Cream (created by Andrew F)
  60. Bloodroot (created by Andrew F)
  61. Dandilion (created by Andrew F)
  62. Daffodil (created by Andrew F)
  63. Tulip (created by Andrew F)
  64. Petunia (created by Andrew F)
  65. Periwinkle (created by Andrew F)
  66. Poppy (created by Andrew F)
  67. Dill (created by Andrew F)
  68. Graphite (created by Andrew F)
  69. Razzle Dazzle Rice Krispie (created by Andrew F)
  70. Cocoa Puffs (created by Andrew F)
  71. Cinnamon Toast Crunch (created by Andrew F)
  72. French Toast Crunch (created by Andrew F)
  73. Lucky Charms (created by Andrew F)
  74. Shamrock (created by Andrew F)
  75. Ruby (created by Andrew F)
  76. Emerald (created by Andrew F)
  77. Diamond (created by Andrew F)
  78. Cave Mud (created by Andrew F)
  79. Rubber (created by Andrew F)
  80. Flubber (created by Andrew F)
  81. Ewok (created by Andrew F)
  82. Wookie (created by Andrew F)
  83. Terran (created by Andrew F)
  84. Bith (created by Andrew F)
  85. Bounty Hunter (created by Andrew F)
  86. Sand (created by Andrew F)
  87. Gravel (created by Andrew F)
  88. Muck (created by Andrew F)
  89. Decomposed Leaves (created by Andrew F)
  90. Plastic (created by Andrew F)
  91. Cardboard (created by Andrew F)
  92. Glass (created by Andrew F)
  93. Bedrock (created by Andrew F)
  94. Flinstones (created by Andrew F)
  95. True Value Football Blimp (created by Andrew F)
  96. Goodyear Blimp (created by Andrew F)
  97. El Diablo (created by Andrew F)
  98. El Niño (created by Andrew F)
  99. Candy Cane (created by Andrew F)
  100. Evergreen (created by Andrew F)
  101. Laser Beam (This is a flavor for dieters, because it's so light) (created by Andrew F)
  102. Pork Rind (created by Andrew F)
  103. Pork Steak (created by Andrew F)
  104. Pork Chop (created by Andrew F)
  105. Italian Sausage (created by Andrew F)
  106. Ashes of Problem Students (created by Andrew F)
  107. Typewriter Ribbon (created by Andrew F)
  108. Correction Tape (created by Andrew F)
  109. Bulletin Board (created by Andrew F)
  110. Mike & Ike (created by Andrew F)
  111. Gum (created by Andrew F)
  112. Cinnamon (created by Andrew F)
  113. Pollution (created by Andrew F)
  114. Cheddar (created by Andrew F)
  115. German Chocolate (created by Andrew F)
  116. Coke (created by Andrew F)
  117. Sprite (created by Andrew F)
  118. Dr. Pepper (created by Andrew F)
  119. Mellow Yellow (created by Andrew F)
  120. Limeaid (created by Andrew F)
  121. Wierd Metallic Liquid Not Yet Identified By Scientists (created by Andrew F)
  122. Rather Interesting Yellow Substance Known As Runts Banana Flavoring (created by Andrew F)
  123. Meow Mix (created by Andrew F)
  124. Hairball (created by Andrew F)
  125. Slime (created by Andrew F)
  126. Goo (created by Andrew F)
  127. Purple People Eater (created by Andrew F)
  128. Owl (created by Andrew F)
  129. Dust Mite (created by Andrew F)
  130. Calamari (created by Andrew F)
  131. Popcorn Shrimp (created by Andrew F)
  132. Texas Best Barbacue Sauce (created by Andrew F)
  133. Right Guard Deoderant (created by Andrew F)
  134. Listerine (created by Andrew F)
  135. Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil (created by Andrew F)
  136. Partially Hydrogenated Corn Oil (created by Andrew F)
  137. Chicken and Noodle (created by Andrew F)
  138. Pumpkin Pie (created by Andrew F)
  139. Caviar (created by Andrew F)
  140. Tapioca (created by Andrew F)
  141. Burning Leaf (created by Andrew F)
  142. Sticky Green Stuff (created by Andrew F)
  143. Gooey Blue Stuff (created by Andrew F)
  144. Liquid Red Stuff (created by Andrew F)
  145. Runny Yellow Stuff (created by Andrew F)
  146. Interesting Pink Stuff (created by Andrew F)
  147. Flakey White Stuff (created by Andrew F)
  148. Hard Black Stuff (created by Andrew F)
  149. Titantic (created by Lauren)
  150. Tequila Mockingbird (created by Lauren)
  151. Spinal Cord (created by Lauren)
  152. All-American Totalitarian (created by Lauren)
  153. Yeast Roll (created by Lauren)
  154. Chew Toy (created by Lauren)
  155. Dog Food (created by Lauren)
  156. Mona Lisa (created by Lauren)
  157. Hason (created by Lauren)
  158. Owl Pellet (created by Lauren)
  159. Snaggletooth (created by Lauren)
  160. Unforgettable You (created by Lauren)
  161. MMM-Bop (created by Lauren)
  162. Romeo (created by Lauren)
  163. Juliet (created by Lauren)
  164. Yes (created by Lauren)
  165. No (created by Lauren)
  166. Gold (created by Lauren)
  167. Silver (created by Lauren)
  168. Bronze (created by Lauren)
  169. Copper (created by Keolah)
  170. Brass (created by Keolah)
  171. Tin Foil (created by Keolah)
  172. Saran Wrap (created by Keolah)
  173. Little Bits of Paper on the Bottom of the Backpack (created by Keolah)
  174. Old Hard Butter Cookie (created by Keolah)
  175. Dead Lizard (created by Keolah)
  176. Dead Rat (created by Keolah)
  177. Rat Stew (created by Keolah)
  178. Gully Dwarf Surprise (created by Keolah)
  179. Hallelujah (created by Keolah)
  180. Silver Bells (created by Keolah)
  181. Jingle Bells (created by Keolah)
  182. First Snow (created by Keolah)
  183. Paper Snowflake (created by Keolah)
  184. Melted Snowman (created by Keolah)
  185. Eye of Alien (created by Keolah)
  186. Egg of Scully (created by Keolah)
  187. Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry (mix) (created by MAC)
  188. Banana (created by banana eater)
  189. Cincinatti Reds (created by Lauren)
  190. Cincinatti Bengals (created by Lauren)
  191. The Wildcats (created by Lauren)
  192. The Little Mermaid (created by Lauren)
  193. The Third Power (created by Lauren)
  194. Termial Velocity (created by Lauren)
  195. Farenheit 451 (created by Lauren)
  196. Bridge to Teribithia (created by Lauren)
  197. Jurassic Park (created by Lauren)
  198. Needlepoint (created by Lauren)
  199. Crossword Puzzle (created by Lauren)
  200. Cross-stitch (created by Lauren)
  201. Cross-eyed (created by Lauren)
  202. Snoop Doggy Dog (created by Lauren)
  203. Ugly Duckling (created by Lauren)
  204. Baby Bop (created by Lauren)
  205. Betty Boop (created by Lauren)
  206. Barney (created by Lauren)
  207. Little Lulu (created by Lauren)
  208. Misery (created by Lauren)
  209. Sauce (created by Lauren)
  210. Important (created by Lauren)
  211. Sassy Jo (created by Lauren)
  212. This One Goes Out To The One I Love (created by Lauren)
  213. Walking In Memphis (created by Lauren)
  214. Push (created by Lauren)
  215. Book of Matches (created by Lauren)
  216. Semi-Charmed Life (created by Lauren)
  217. Memory (created by Lauren)
  218. Cell (created by Lauren)
  219. All's Well That Ends Well (created by Lauren)
  220. Bad Day (created by Lauren)
  221. Sound Card (created by Lauren)
  222. Micro-recorder (created by Lauren)
  223. Photograph (created by Lauren)
  224. Art (created by Lauren)
  225. Gum Stuck to the Bottom of the Table (created by Keolah)
  226. Death Warmed Over (created by Keolah)
  227. This
  228. That
  229. Chocolate Malt
  230. Quadruple Fudge
  231. Calcium Carbonate
  232. Strawberry Daquiri
  233. Heavenly Haggis (created by curiousgeorgia)
  234. Pork Rind Crunch (created by curiousgeorgia)
  235. Salt Lick Sherbet (created by curiousgeorgia)
  236. Daydreams and Cream (created by curiousgeorgia)
  237. Stink Bug Fudge (created by curiousgeorgia)
  238. Petroleum Jelly Ripple (created by curiousgeorgia)
  239. barbecued computer chips (created by Mysty)
  240. dust and dirt swirl (created by Mysty)
  241. battery fluid (created by Mysty)
  242. coffee grind and orange rind twist (created by Mysty)
  243. rain and wind (created by Mysty)
  244. earthquake rocky road (created by Mysty)
  245. Custard's Last Stand (created by Lauren)
  246. Hail to the Cheif (created by Lauren)
  247. Kentucky Fried Chicken (created by Lauren)
  248. Nose Job (created by Lauren)
  249. Hunk of Meat (created by Lauren)
  250. The Nameless Ice Cream Flavor (created by Lauren)
  251. Monkey-Breath (created by Lauren)
  252. Suitcase (created by Lauren)
  253. 8 Heads In A Duffel Bag (created by Lauren)
  254. Meridians on a Crowded Road (created by Lauren)
  255. Afterglow (created by Lauren)
  256. Parties (created by nelson)
  257. Liquor (created by nelson)
  258. Alcatraz (created by nelson)
  259. New Year's Eve (created by nelson)
  260. Football (created by nelson)
  261. Guitars (created by nelson)
  262. Bass Guitars (created by nelson)
  263. Guitar Amps (created by nelson)
  264. Guitar fuzz boxes (created by nelson)
  265. Soundgarden (created by nelson)
  266. Overfloater (created by nelson)
  267. Pretty Noose (created by nelson)
  268. Nirvana (created by nelson)
  269. Buddha (created by nelson)
  270. Allah (created by nelson)
  271. Islam (created by nelson)
  272. Ashtrays (created by nelson)
  273. Jalpeno (created by nelson)
  274. Guitar strings (created by nelson)
  275. printers (created by nelson)
  276. cat (created by nelson)
  277. dog (created by nelson)
  278. hockey pucks (created by nelson)
  279. hockey sticks (created by nelson)
  280. curling brooms (created by nelson)
  281. curling rocks (created by nelson)
  282. sumo wrestlers (created by nelson)
  283. sweat (created by nelson)
  284. small fuzzy lumps of purple snaidivards (created by Xeentar1)
  285. stringy hammock (created by Xeentar1)
  286. fresh wish bone (created by Xeentar1)
  287. rusty door hinge (created by Xeentar1)
  288. scabbed red badge of courage (created by Xeentar1)
  289. menorrhea (created by Xeentar1)
  290. whisker (created by Xeentar1)
  291. hush puppies (created by Xeentar1)
  292. fuzzy ink (created by Xeentar1)
  293. black and white sears catalog (created by Xeentar1)
  294. scriptures (created by Xeentar1)
  295. madman (created by Xeentar1)
  296. foaming comb (created by Xeentar1)
  297. moby dicks coffin (created by Xeentar1)
  298. refreshing running river (created by Xeentar1)
  299. oxymoron (created by Xeentar1)
  300. broken fractures (created by Xeentar1)
  301. empty gun (created by Xeentar1)
  302. severe manic depression (created by Xeentar1)
  303. Canadian poet (created by Xeentar1)
  304. the savored Oregonian (created by Xeentar1)
  305. rejected heart (created by Xeentar1)
  306. juicy dirt (created by Xeentar1)
  307. chopped up cherry treebark with cold gravy (created by Xeentar1)
  308. shrapnel (created by Xeentar1)
  309. houndog on rye (created by Xeentar1)
  310. clogged whistle (created by Xeentar1)
  311. fully clothed tree (created by Xeentar1)
  312. dirty water in a metal bucket (created by Xeentar1)
  313. fist fight (created by Xeentar1)
  314. shaking in my jeans (created by Xeentar1)
  315. wailing trumpet (created by Xeentar1)
  316. spacy head (created by Xeentar1)
  317. duck dodgers of the 24th and a half century (created by Xeentar1)
  318. Irish monk (created by Xeentar1)
  319. matted dog fur (created by Xeentar1)
  320. matted beard hair (created by Xeentar1)
  321. yapping dog (created by Xeentar1)
  322. invisible ink (created by Xeentar1)
  323. rocket burn (created by Xeentar1)
  324. rug burn (created by Xeentar1)
  325. fur rash (created by Xeentar1)
  326. a monkeys uncles freshly groomed hair (created by Xeentar1)
  327. unclickable link to sanity (created by Xeentar1)
  328. brave indian sweat (created by Xeentar1)
  329. nasty hanky panky (created by Xeentar1)
  330. rossi o'drool (created by Xeentar1)
  331. heiney (created by Xeentar1)
  332. dazzaling hemrroid (created by Xeentar1)
  333. pussy cat (created by Xeentar1)
  334. online pysco theripist breath (created by Xeentar1)
  335. faild iq test (created by Xeentar1)
  336. green scoolbus exhaust (created by Xeentar1)
  337. scones on medium rare (created by Xeentar1)
  338. bottom line (created by Xeentar1)
  339. dalmation spots (created by Xeentar1)
  340. dynamite braces (created by Xeentar1)
  341. soggy rain (created by Xeentar1)
  342. obliged care taker (created by Xeentar1)
  343. orange juice with bacon grease (created by Xeentar1)
  344. sugar cookie (created by Xeentar1)
  345. torn heart still in love (created by Xeentar1)
  346. torn heart tissue (created by Xeentar1)
  347. mexican bull sweat (created by Xeentar1)
  348. ball point pen button (created by Xeentar1)
  349. cold sleeping bag (created by Xeentar1)
  350. vanilla with a hint of ectasy (created by Xeentar1)
  351. moon cheese (created by Xeentar1)
  352. slippery sandpaper (created by Xeentar1)
  353. bird on rye (created by Xeentar1)
  354. dirty but understanding floor (created by Xeentar1)
  355. multiple personality juice (created by Xeentar1)
  356. anailaized bread crumb (created by Xeentar1)
  357. glow in the dark bread crumbs (created by Xeentar1)
  358. scope (created by Xeentar1)
  359. unread math book at the end of the school year (created by Xeentar1)
  360. HTML hunks with dust (created by Xeentar1)
  361. dust covered stained glass shards (created by Xeentar1)
  362. biplolar bear claws (created by Xeentar1)
  363. yeast on the rise (created by Xeentar1)
  364. cimmonon rice (created by Xeentar1)
  365. empty page from a spiral notebook (created by Xeentar1)
  366. gum eraser (created by Xeentar1)
  367. psychologist with turkish nighmares (created by Xeentar1)
  368. striped kidney bean trannsplant (created by Xeentar1)
  369. babbons sweaty thighs (created by Xeentar1)
  370. old ladt that greets you at walmart (created by Xeentar1)
  371. buckweat pillow topped with night sweat (created by Xeentar1)
  372. random thoughts of history on paper (created by Xeentar1)
  373. left over vegetables from thanksgiving (created by Xeentar1)
  374. rotten shoelace with dust (created by Xeentar1)
  375. strict writing instuctions that don't make sense (created by Xeentar1)
  376. american accent (created by Xeentar1)
  377. needful things (created by Xeentar1)
  378. shiny coating of slime (created by Xeentar1)
  379. abusice spider web (created by Xeentar1)
  380. over unused thoughts from "Moby Dick" (created by Xeentar1)
  381. metal perfume bottle cracks (created by Xeentar1)
  382. nighttime wishes (created by Xeentar1)
  383. unspoken love (created by Xeentar1)
  384. stony rock (created by Xeentar1)
  385. stolen string (created by Xeentar1)
  386. the sweat coated black mask that the poilice kept as evidence against the person who robbed the first national bank (created by Xeentar1)
  387. showala in need of cleaning (created by Xeentar1)
  388. tired house wife breath (created by Xeentar1)
  389. the reason for living (created by Xeentar1)
  390. spanish teacher in a german classroom teaching english (created by Xeentar1)
  391. ! (created by Xeentar1)
  392. ? (created by Xeentar1)
  393. @ (created by Xeentar1)
  394. # (created by Xeentar1)
  395. $$ (created by Xeentar1)
  396. ^ (created by Xeentar1)
  397. % (created by Xeentar1)
  398. & (created by Xeentar1)
  399. + (created by Xeentar1)
  400. = (created by Xeentar1)
  401. zucchini (created by Xeentar1)
  402. green pumpkin (created by Xeentar1)
  403. testosterone (created by Xeentar1)
  404. estrogen (created by Xeentar1)
  405. warm pinapple sauce (created by Xeentar1)
  406. unemployed actor (created by Xeentar1)
  407. dribbly nose (created by Xeentar1)
  408. dirty garden hose (created by Xeentar1)
  409. crimped underarm hairs after a gental foorball game (created by Xeentar1)
  410. outcroped hexagonal igneous rocks (created by Xeentar1)
  411. fragmented cherry fragrant glue stick (created by Xeentar1)
  412. over due geolory assinment (created by Xeentar1)
  413. prank phone call (created by Xeentar1)
  414. dryer static (created by Xeentar1)
  415. telivision static (created by Xeentar1)
  416. myserious alvalance after an new years party (created by Xeentar1)
  417. hairy pony tail (created by Xeentar1)
  418. koo koo koo koo koo koo (created by Xeentar1)
  419. an A plus in collision course class (created by Xeentar1)
  420. rotton spear shaft (created by Xeentar1)
  421. unreplaceable love bite (created by Xeentar1)
  422. waver that is nothing but small print (created by Xeentar1)
  423. spiked vannila (created by Xeentar1)
  424. maybe they're just afriad (created by Xeentar1)
  425. m and m's covered with a sprinkle of heaven (created by Xeentar1)
  426. fresh phlegm (created by Xeentar1)
  427. 20,000 lightning volt (created by Gally)
  428. electric blow dryer (created by Gally)
  429. fax paper (created by Gally)
  430. eraser bit sprinkles (created by Gally)
  431. mercury swirl (created by Gally)
  432. rainstorm (created by Gally)
  433. hash (created by Gally)
  434. old encyclopedia pages (created by Gally)
  435. rainbow fudge (created by Gally)
  436. durian (created by Gally)
  437. incoherent thoughts (created by Gally)
  438. Lego block (created by Cheerful)
  439. I Scream (created by Cheerful)
  440. Cigarette Butt (created by Cheerful)
  441. Candy Apple (created by Cheerful)
  442. Candy Onion (created by Cheerful)
  443. Battery Acid (created by Cheerful)
  444. Diamond Chip (created by Cheerful)
  445. Dog Fart (created by Cheerful)
  446. Plane Crash (created by Cheerful)
  447. Bunny Slipper (created by Cheerful)
  448. Bunny Tail (created by Cheerful)
  449. Eat Me (created by Cheerful)
  450. Boxing Day lost return slips (created by Cheerful)
  451. Expired Milk (created by Cheerful)
  452. Miracle Gro (created by Cheerful)
  453. Chia Pet (created by Cheerful)
  454. Crash Test Dummy (created by Cheerful)
  455. Super Fattening (created by Cheerful)
  456. Chicken Feather (created by Cheerful)
  457. Nickels & Dimes (created by Cheerful)
  458. Linguine with Maranara Sauce (created by Cheerful)
  459. Motor Oil (created by Cheerful)
  460. Drill Bit (created by Cheerful)
  461. Bubbles (created by Cheerful)
  462. Antifreeze (created by Cheerful)
  463. 1997 (created by Cheerful)
  464. Happy New Year (created by Cheerful)
  465. Coffee Brandy (created by Cheerful)
  466. Boiling (created by Cheerful)
  467. Silver & Gold (created by Cheerful)
  468. Dirty (created by Cheerful)
  469. Refried (created by Cheerful)
  470. Massage Oil (created by Cheerful)
  471. Silent Agony (created by Cheerful)
  472. Cyanide Laced (created by Cheerful)
  473. Disgusting (created by Cheerful)
  474. Hairy (created by Cheerful)
  475. Day-old Gas Station Hot Dog (created by Cheerful)
  476. Cornchip (created by Cheerful)
  477. Flavour #1249
  478. Gum Stuck to the Bottom of the Chair (created by Keolah)
  479. Crusty Junk Between the Keys (created by Keolah)
  480. Glow (created by Keolah)
  481. Gummy Worms (created by Keolah)
  482. Rubber (created by Keolah)
  483. Over-Flowed Oatmeal (created by Keolah)
  484. Waybread (created by Keolah)
  485. Sourdough (created by Keolah)
  486. Grape (created by Kat)
  487. purple
  488. Kriatine
  489. KRSNet
  490. numb voice (created by Cleo Patra)
  491. Yebba-Debba-Doo (created by Lauren)
  492. Holy Bermuda Shorts, Batman (created by Lauren)
  493. cappucino (created by nelson)
  494. file cabinet (created by nelson)
  495. wooden door (created by nelson)
  496. grey cup (created by nelson)
  497. super bowl (created by nelson)
  498. rose bowl (created by nelson)
  499. orange bowl (created by nelson)
  500. Davy Crockett (created by nelson)
  501. Jimi Hendrix (created by nelson)
  502. Nine Inch Nails (created by nelson)
  503. Janis Joplin (created by nelson)
  504. Grateful Dead (created by nelson)
  505. The Doors (created by nelson)
  506. Alligator (created by nelson)
  507. Parasites (created by nelson)
  508. Carbon Dioxide (created by nelson)
  509. Uranium Oxide (created by nelson)
  510. Black Sabbath (created by nelson)
  511. Paranoid (created by nelson)
  512. Mike Tyson (created by nelson)
  513. Evander Holyfield (created by nelson)
  514. No Will To Live (created by nelson)
  515. Grateful Dead (created by nelson)
  516. Purple Haze (created by nelson)
  517. Metallica (created by nelson)
  518. Ride The Lightning (created by nelson)
  519. Nothing Else Matters (created by nelson)
  520. The Memory Remains (created by nelson)
  521. One (created by nelson)
  522. Nantucket (created by nelson)
  523. poetry written on the beach during the night with a clear sky (created by nelson)
  524. Squid (created by nelson)
  525. Octapus (created by nelson)
  526. Homo sapien sapien (created by nelson)
  527. Afghanistan (created by nelson)
  528. Bolsheviks (created by nelson)
  529. Soviet (created by nelson)
  530. China (created by nelson)
  531. Mongolia (created by nelson)
  532. Carrion (created by Keolah)
  533. Peach (suggested by Keolah)
  534. The Unforgiven II (created by Andrew F)
  535. Choked Smurf
  536. Brick
  537. Aluminum Siding (created by Andrew F)
  538. Concrete (created by Andrew F)
  539. Mexican (created by Andrew F)
  540. Salsa (created by Andrew F)
  541. Gas Pit (created by Andrew F)
  542. Angel Feathers
  543. Angel Food (created by Andrew F)
  544. Devil's Food (created by Andrew F)
  545. Spice (created by Andrew F)
  546. Hot Fudge Cherry (created by Andrew F)
  547. Benden Wine (created by Andrew F)
  548. Tuber (created by Andrew F)
  549. Rat Poison (created by Andrew F)
  550. Poison (created by Andrew F)
  551. Mexican el Diablo (created by Andrew F)
  552. Martini
  553. Buttonhole
  554. Unflavoured Gelatin
  555. All-Natural Pam (created by Andrew F)
  556. Phone Card (created by Andrew F)
  557. Car Wash (created by Andrew F)
  558. Puck
  559. Fire
  560. The Club (created by Andrew F)
  561. Turkey Club
  562. Livestock (created by Andrew F)
  563. Venison (created by Andrew F)
  564. Nitrogen (created by Andrew F)
  565. Candy Corn (created by Andrew F)
  566. Pink Coconut Candy (created by Andrew F)
  567. Divinity (created by Andrew F)
  568. Partridge in a Pear Tree (created by Rance)
  569. Extremely Numb Finger (created by Andrew F)
  570. Sparkling Mineralwasser (created by Andrew F)
  571. Rather Stinky Green Substance (created by Andrew F)
  572. Ammonium Hydroxide (created by Andrew F)
  573. Cow dung (created by Andrew F)
  574. Dung beetle (created by Andrew F)
  575. Power Ranger (made w/ real Power Rangers!) (created by Andrew F)
  576. Molten Rock (a joint project of Andrew F and Sara F)
  577. Win95 (made w/ real Apple code!)
  578. Squeaky Voice (created by Andrew F)
  579. Raviolia (created by Andrew F)
  580. Powdered Sugar (created by Andrew F)
  581. Anti-Perspirant (created by Andrew F)
  582. Hardware Wars (created by Andrew F)
  583. Spork (created by Andrew F)
  584. Mandarin Orange
  585. Dying Spam
  586. Banana Peel (created by Andrew F)
  587. Cornstalk
  588. Triple Chocolate Fudge Delight (created by Andrew F)
  589. Dogs & Suds (created by Andrew F)
  590. Couch Cushions On the Floor
  591. Sky Blue Ripple (created by Ellen)
  592. Cajun Popcorn
  593. Caramel Popcorn (created by Andrew F)
  594. Cheese Popcorn (created by Andrew F)
  595. Elk Parmesan
  596. Rabbit in Tarragon Sauce
  597. Paper Napkin (created by Suandra)
  598. Revolution (created by nelson)
  599. The Private Collection Of Quinn Nelson (created by nelson)
  600. Marxism (created by nelson)
  601. Maoism (created by nelson)
  602. Leninism (created by nelson)
  603. Black Velvet (created by Lauren)
  604. Quinine (created by Lauren)
  605. Cough Supressant (created by Lauren)
  606. Mentho-Lyptus (created by Lauren)
  607. The Food of Love (created by Lauren)
  608. Birdseed (created by Lauren)
  609. Vapo-Rub (created by Lauren)
  610. Wicker (created by Cheerful)
  611. Baby Oil (created by Cheerful)
  612. Packaging Tape (created by Cheerful)
  613. Pumice Stone (created by Cheerful)
  614. Toilet Paper (created by Cheerful)
  615. Dropped on the floor (created by Cheerful)
  616. Bleach for unbleachables (created by Cheerful)
  617. Litter box (created by Cheerful)
  618. Dishwater (created by Cheerful)
  619. Baked Bean (created by Cheerful)
  620. Apple cinnamon and ketchup (created by Cheerful)
  621. Taco (created by Cheerful)
  622. Lettuce (created by Cheerful)
  623. Workout (created by Cheerful)
  624. Plain (created by Cheerful)
  625. Plane (created by Cheerful)
  626. Cheese & cracker (created by Cheerful)
  627. Relish (created by Cheerful)
  628. Potting soil (created by Cheerful)
  629. Rock moss (created by Cheerful)
  630. Bob (created by [twareka])
  631. Joe (created by [twareka])
  632. Bill (created by [twareka])
  633. Doug (created by [twareka])
  634. Fred (created by [twareka])
  635. Shaggy (created by [twareka])
  636. The New Guitar Techniqe Finger Hammer (created by MAC)
  637. A Flavour in Tribute to the Great Eddie Van Halen (created by MAC)
  638. Extreme Influences on the Music World (created by MAC)
  639. Great Guitarist (created by MAC)
  640. An Homage to the Kinks (created by MAC)
  641. Can't Sleep at Night Cause of You (created by MAC)
  642. Lost Because of You (created by MAC)
  643. Stalking (created by MAC)
  644. Really In Love with this Girl (created by MAC)
  645. Screeches (created by MAC)
  646. Another Great Guitar Solo (created by MAC)
  647. Voice Manipulation (created by MAC)
  648. Insomnia From Love (created by MAC)
  649. Lets Buy Disease (created by MAC)
  650. Love that is rotten to the Core (created by MAC)
  651. Seemin Fine, that you are (created by MAC)
  652. No Friends, Find New (created by MAC)
  653. Another Great Guitar Solo II (created by MAC)
  654. Repeating an statement (created by MAC)
  655. Loss Friends at the Edge (created by MAC)
  656. Yellow Dotted Street Lines (created by Adora and Bob)
  657. Telephone Wire (created by J.A.C.K.)
  658. Red Deer (created by J.A.C.K.)
  659. Rocky Mountain House (created by J.A.C.K.)
  660. Mashed Meat (created by J.A.C.K.)
  661. Baked Cornflakes (created by J.A.C.K.)
  662. Octopie (created by J.A.C.K.)
  663. Asphalt and Roadkill Special  (created by J.A.C.K.)
  664. PeanutButter Phantom!  (created by J.A.C.K.)
  665. The Jam of Steel! (created by J.A.C.K.)
  666. The Honey Bee Hunk! (created by J.A.C.K.)
  667. Suicidal Tapioca! (created by J.A.C.K.)
  668. Homicidal Pudding (created by J.A.C.K.)
  669. Peaches and Cream (created by J.A.C.K.)
  670. Peaches and Ice!  (created by J.A.C.K.)
  671. Rooster (created by J.A.C.K.)
  672. Zoodles (created by J.A.C.K.)
  673. Smurfaggeti  (created by J.A.C.K.)
  674. Dreaming of a White Christmas (created by J.A.C.K.)
  675. Darestim
  676. Ground Bhelliom
  677. Thalot
  678. Essence of Adara's Rose
  679. Athsat
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