The 3001 (Or Slightly Less) Flavours

We Forumers are attempting to come up with more ice cream flavours than Baskin-Robbins. We easily surpassed the 31 flavours. Maybe eventually we'll put them out of business. *G*
Unless otherwise noted, the non-standard flavours were dreamed up by Sara F. Ideas for flavours such as Fuzzy Green Aluminum Siding and Betsy's Tutti-Frutti Garbage Delight may have come from elsewhere; credit is given to the person who suggested it as an ice cream flavour.

Current Count: 1450

  1. Bloody Mary
  2. Python
  3. Polythene
  4. Mustard
  5. Custard
  6. Orchid Orange
  7. Slate
  8. Envelope Glue
  9. Margarita
  10. Smurfberry
  11. Chocolate
  12. Vanilla
  13. Strawberry
  14. Marble
  15. Coffee
  16. Neopolitan
  17. Smurf (available in either Blue or Green)
  18. Porcupine
  19. Macaroni
  20. Tomato With Herbs
  21. Roadkill
  22. Triple Fudge
  23. Double Fudge
  24. Vanilla Fudge Swirl
  25. Mint Chocolate Chip
  26. Egg Salad
  27. Raw Chicken
  28. Strawberri Kiwi
  29. Wintergreen
  30. Spearmint
  31. Peppermint
  32. Pină Colada
  33. Ethanol
  34. Phenol
  35. Ethene
  36. Chocolate Melon Berry
  37. Butyric Acid
  38. Plutonium Plaster
  39. Uranium Nightlight
  40. Californium Orange
  41. Silicon Swirl
  42. Sawdust Special (created by Kelly)
  43. Granite
  44. Superman Bubblegum
  45. Strawberry Cheesecake
  46. Cyanide
  47. Arsenic
  48. Cornbread
  49. Sulfur
  50. Endust
  51. Cherry Garcia (credit Ben & Jerry's)
  52. Wavy Gravy (credit Ben & Jerry's)
  53. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  54. Pepsi Playdough
  55. Pepto Bismol
  56. Beetle
  57. Flaming Pie
  58. Grape Souffle
  59. Alka Seltzer
  60. Eggplant
  61. Mangos and Cream
  62. Platypus
  63. Cactus
  64. Spicy Tofu (created by Creative Writer)
  65. Chocolate Goo-Goo Clusters (created by Betty)
  66. Brocolli/Raspberry Vinegrete (created by Creative Writer)
  67. Blue Raspberry
  68. Cinnoman Toast
  69. Brown Sugar
  70. Chicken Taco
  71. Buttered Popcorn
  72. Snake Pancake
  73. Killer Rabbit
  74. Purple Fungus (created by Kelly)
  75. Latex
  76. Lima Bean
  77. Beef
  78. Scrambled Eggs (created by Kelly)
  79. Roast Goose
  80. Duck L'Orange
  81. Lemon
  82. Lime
  83. Hazelnut
  84. Hickory
  85. Walnut
  86. Amaretto
  87. Irish Cream
  88. Chicken Chow Mein (created by Arthur)
  89. Sweet and Sour Pork (created by Arthur)
  90. Shrimp Cocktail
  91. Toe Jam (created by Kristine)
  92. Avalanche (created by Arthur)
  93. Pancake a la Mode (created by Kelly)
  94. Knox Blocks
  95. Kangaroo
  96. Rocky Road
  97. Heavenly Hash
  98. Pizza (created by Kelly)
  99. Brine
  100. Locust and Honey (for customers w/ hair shirts only)
  101. Eye of Newt
  102. Wart of Toad
  103. Shark
  104. Mashed Potato
  105. Cornflake
  106. Walrus
  107. Fortune Cookie
  108. Poppy Seed
  109. Kumquat (created by J.A.C.K.)
  110. Sodium Pop (created by J.A.C.K.)
  111. Carbonated Chocolate (created by J.A.C.K.)
  112. Orange Gobbledy-Gook
  113. Fuzzy Green Aluminum Siding (a joint project of Cat and Sara F)
  114. Wierd Scenes Inside the Goldmine (created by MAC)
  115. Applesauce
  116. Rainbow
  117. pistachio (suggested by Sarah Kathryn)
  118. Silica Gel
  119. Cherry Couch Syrup
  120. Citrus Drop
  121. Periwinkle
  122. Sukaiyaki
  123. Fried-Onion/Cappucino Blend (created by Quizmaster 4.0)
  124. Moon Beans (created by J.A.C.K.)
  125. Betsy's Tutti Frutti Garbage Delight (created by Dawna)
  126. Pralines Stemed Rice (created by Quizmaster 4.0)
  127. Red Bean (created by DaydreamBeliever)
  128. Trout (created by Quizmaster 4.0)
  129. Salmon (created by Quizmaster 4.0)
  130. Dragon
  131. Catgut
  132. Honeysuckle
  133. Gum Fest (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  134. Avacado Green Shag Carpet (created by Keolah)
  135. Post-it Notes (created by Keolah)
  136. Cotton (created by Keolah)
  137. Old Hard Coffee Grounds (created by Keolah)
  138. Cement (created by Keolah)
  139. Duck (created by Keolah)
  140. Last Year's Christmas Turkey (created by Keolah)
  141. Freezer Burn (created by Keolah)
  142. Fuzzy Green English Muffin (created by Keolah)
  143. Shampoo (created by Keolah)
  144. Bat Guano (created by Keolah)
  145. Dead Lizard (created by Keolah)
  146. Yellow Snow (created by Keolah)
  147. HTML (created by Keolah)
  148. Coupon (created by Keolah)
  149. Toad Spittle (created by Keolah)
  150. Earwax (Created by Keolah)
  151. Redneck (created by Keolah)
  152. Earthworm (created by Keolah)
  153. Half Worm Apple (created by Keolah)
  154. Formaldehyde (created by Keolah)
  155. Dirty Money (created by Keolah)
  156. Lemon Cleaner (created by Keolah)
  157. Moondust (created by Keolah)
  158. Stucco (created by Keolah)
  159. Adobe (created by Keolah)
  160. Clay (created by Keolah)
  161. Pre-Raphaelite (created by Eli)
  162. Fungus (created by Eli)
  163. Dried Sea-Urchin (created by Eli)
  164. Gargoyle (created by Eli)
  165. Precipice (created by Eli)
  166. TRS-80 (created by Eli)
  167. Ham and Cheese (created by Keolah)
  168. Angelfood Cake (created by Keolah)
  169. Deviled Egg (created by Keolah)
  170. Cod Liver Oil (created by Keolah)
  171. Lampshade (created by Keolah)
  172. Terrycloth (created by Keolah)
  173. Tylenol (created by Keolah)
  174. Lysol (created by Keolah)
  175. Amazing Technicolor (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  176. Thyme (created by Keolah)
  177. Plastic (created by Keolah)
  178. Italian Sausage (created by Keolah)
  179. Croissant (created by Keolah)
  180. Salt (created by Keolah)
  181. Fri-Jo (created by Keolah)
  182. Explanation Point (created by Kristine)
  183. Grapefruit (created by Keolah)
  184. Eraser (created by Keolah)
  185. Purple Fizz (created by Keolah)
  186. Pencil Wood (created by Keolah)
  187. Dog Hair (created by Keolah)
  188. Snuffelumpit Pie (created by J.A.C.K.)
  189. Fried Microchips (created by Keolah)
  190. Candy Cane (created by Keolah)
  191. Pine Needle (created by Keolah)
  192. Toothpaste (created by Keolah)
  193. Honeymoon (created by Keolah)
  194. Rock Candy (created by Keolah)
  195. Dust Bunny (created by Keolah)
  196. Bread and Butter Pickle (created by Keolah)
  197. Sardine (created by J.A.C.K.)
  198. E-Mail (created by Xeentar1)
  199. Watercolour (created by Keolah)
  200. Hailstone (created by Keolah)
  201. Fuzzy Sock (created by Xeentar1)
  202. Rain (created by Xeentar1)
  203. Hero (created by Xeentar1)
  204. Poem (created by Xeentar1)
  205. Rice (created by Xeentar1)
  206. Fire and Brimstone (created by Keolah)
  207. Burnt Marshmallow (created by Keolah)
  208. Holy Bible (created by Keolah)
  209. Potpourri (created by Keolah)
  210. Burrito (created by Keolah)
  211. Graphite (created by Keolah)
  212. Mango (created by Keolah)
  213. Cantelope (created by Keolah)
  214. Rug (created by Keolah)
  215. Onion Bagel (created by Keolah)
  216. Cream Cheese (created by Keolah)
  217. Banana Bread (created by Keolah)
  218. Garlic (created by Keolah)
  219. New Car (created by Keolah)
  220. Liver and Onions (created by Keolah)
  221. Dr. Pepper (created by Keolah)
  222. Sour Cream and Onion (created by Keolah)
  223. Thousand Island (created by Keolah)
  224. Catalina (created by Keolah)
  225. Strawberry Cream Cheese (created by Keolah)
  226. Sunshine (created by Keolah)
  227. Starlight (created by Keolah)
  228. Fluff (created by Keolah)
  229. Ugly Tie (created by Keolah)
  230. Twizzlers
  231. Fresh Paint
  232. Blood (created by Keolah)
  233. Pineapple (created by Keolah)
  234. Horseradish (created by Keolah)
  235. Sauerkraut (created by Keolah)
  236. Ketchup (created by Keolah)
  237. Spaghetti and Meatballs (created by Keolah)
  238. Novocane (created by Keolah)
  239. Double Mocha (created by Keolah)
  240. Morphine (created by Keolah)
  241. Barbecue Sauce (created by Keolah)
  242. Rubber Bands (created by Keolah)
  243. Barbecued Lit Teacher (created by Keolah)
  244. Straw (created by Keolah)
  245. Iron (created by Keolah)
  246. Lemon-Filled Jelly Doughnut (created by Keolah)
  247. Earl Grey Tea (created by Keolah)
  248. Mincemeat (created by Keolah)
  249. Apple (created by Keolah)
  250. Tree Bark (created by Keolah)
  251. Cinnoman (created by Keolah)
  252. Cherry Cheesecake (created by Keolah)
  253. Industrial Hemp (created by Keolah) (contains no THC)
  254. Purple Ink (created by Keolah)
  255. Gouda (created by Keolah)
  256. Pine Nut (created by Keolah)
  257. Leather (created by Keolah)
  258. Jerky (created by Keolah)
  259. Bread Pudding (created by Keolah)
  260. Marionberry (created by Keolah)
  261. Paper (created by Keolah)
  262. Vanillin (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  263. Yellow 5 (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  264. Yellow 6 (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  265. Essence of Twinkie (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  266. Peanut Butter and Jelly (created by Arthur)
  267. Bleached Flour (created by Kristine)
  268. Musty Old Used Bookstore (created by Eli)
  269. Ice (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  270. Cream (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  271. Oreo (suggested by Sarah Kathryn)
  272. Plaid (created by Keolah)
  273. Ready Rooom (created by Keolah)
  274. Lieutenant (created by Keolah)
  275. Armageddon (created by Keolah)
  276. Ink Jet (created by Keolah)
  277. Blowfish (created by Keolah)
  278. Crumbs on the Bottom of the Cookie Jar (created by Keolah)
  279. Mystery Casserole (created by Keolah)
  280. Pancake (created by Keolah)
  281. Syrup (created by Keolah)
  282. Mystery Swimming (created by MAC)
  283. Grey
  284. Atomic Fireball
  285. Glucose
  286. Deoxyribonucleic Acid
  287. Vector
  288. Tamagotchi (made with real Tomagotchis)
  289. Tannic Acid
  290. Doorknob (created by Keolah)
  291. Broccoli (created by Keolah)
  292. Brussels Sprouts (created by Keolah)
  293. Meatloaf (created by Keolah)
  294. Shish Kabob (created by Keolah)
  295. Boomerang (created by Keolah)
  296. Astroturf (created by Keolah)
  297. Cough Syrup (created by Keolah)
  298. Pastrami (created by Keolah)
  299. Frogs' Legs (created by Keolah)
  300. Mouthwash (created by Keolah)
  301. Breathmint (created by Keolah)
  302. Laughing Cow (created by Keolah)
  303. Mozzerella (created by Keolah)
  304. Ravioli (created by Keolah)
  305. Flys' Wings (created by Keolah)
  306. Carmel (suggested by Sarah Kathryn)
  307. Kerosene (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  308. Triaminic (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  309. Dimetapp (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  310. Nutella (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  311. Live Wire (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  312. Pineapple Anchovy (created by Quizmaster 4.0)
  313. Mr. Betsey's Trash Can (created by Cat)
  314. Warm Purple Snow (created by Keolah)
  315. Poinsettia (created by Keolah)
  316. Adrian Paul's Mop (created by Keolah)
  317. Teek (created by Keolah)
  318. Oak (created by Keolah)
  319. Ash (created by Keolah)
  320. Pine (created by Keolah)
  321. Maple Leaf (created by Keolah)
  322. Douglas Fir (created by Keolah)
  323. Cottonwood (created by Keolah)
  324. Mucus (created by Keolah)
  325. Rose (created by Keolah)
  326. Mouse Pad (created by Keolah)
  327. Rat's Tail
  328. Kriatine
  329. Brian's Ear
  330. Spam
  331. Chili Pepper (created by Keolah)
  332. Roasted Garlic (created by Keolah)
  333. Corn Oil (created by Keolah)
  334. Limburger (created by Keolah)
  335. Trail Mix (created by Keolah)
  336. Butter and Herb (created by Keolah)
  337. Wheat (created by Keolah)
  338. Rye (created by Keolah)
  339. Sandpaper (created by Keolah)
  340. Shitaki Mushroom (created by Keolah)
  341. Mulberry (created by Keolah)
  342. Yarn (created by Keolah)
  343. Lizard-King Delight (created by MAC)
  344. Strange Days (created by MAC)
  345. Horse Latitudes (created by MAC)
  346. Screaming Butterflies (created by MAC)
  347. Roth-a-kill (created by MAC)
  348. Hotel California (created by MAC)
  349. Moonlight Drive (created by MAC)
  350. VH5150 (created by MAC)
  351. Unwritten Laws (created by MAC)
  352. Baba O'Riley (created by MAC)
  353. Pinball Wizard (created by MAC)
  354. Waiting For the Sun (created by MAC)
  355. Soul Kitchen (created by MAC)
  356. Mysticated Wine (created by MAC)
  357. Jams of Pearl (created by MAC)
  358. Pearl Jam (created by MAC)
  359. Celebaration of the Lizard (created by MAC)
  360. R.E.M Automatic (created by MAC)
  361. L. A. Blues (created by MAC)
  362. Hyacinth House (created by MAC)
  363. The WASP (created by MAC)
  364. Texas Radio and the Big Beat (created by MAC)
  365. Shaman's Blues (created by MAC)
  366. The Soft Parade (created by MAC)
  367. A Bowl for Monty (created by MAC)
  368. Andy Krishner's Fav (created by MAC)
  369. Magic Buses (created by MAC)
  370. Night Swimming (created by MAC)
  371. Eggshell Minds (created by MAC)
  372. Morrison Hotel (created by MAC)
  373. Roadhouse Ice Cream (created by MAC)
  374. Elston's MeCagor (created by MAC)
  375. Ruby Tuesday (created by MAC)
  376. Lilly (created by MAC)
  377. Dead Possum (created by MAC)
  378. Green Slime (created by Keolah)
  379. Seven Bridges Road (created by MAC)
  380. Insanity's Horse (created by MAC)
  381. Riders on the Storm (created by MAC)
  382. Lemon Drops (created by MAC)
  383. Orange-Lemon-Srawberry (created by MAC)
  384. Alive She Cries (created by MAC)
  385. Marketing Potential (created by MAC)
  386. Pennsquare (created by MAC)
  387. Laffy-Taffy (created by MAC)
  388. Badges on the New Horizon (created by MAC)
  389. Fire-Starters (created by MAC)
  390. White Crosses (created by MAC)
  391. Journey Into Night (created by MAC)
  392. Kilamanjaro (created by MAC)
  393. Glue and Tar (created by MAC)
  394. Backtracking (created by MAC)
  395. Czar's Specialty (created by MAC)
  396. Weeds (created by MAC)
  397. Hello, I Love You (created by MAC)
  398. Earth Soup (created by MAC)
  399. Dusky Jewel (created by MAC)
  400. Paper Billings (created by MAC)
  401. War (created by MAC)
  402. Lobster (created by MAC)
  403. Weddings (created by MAC)
  404. Hill-Dwellers (created by MAC)
  405. Turkey (created by MAC)
  406. Summer (created by MAC)
  407. Spring (created by MAC)
  408. Winter (created by MAC)
  409. Fall (created by MAC)
  410. Water (created by MAC)
  411. Fire (created by MAC)
  412. Earth (created by MAC)
  413. Wind (created by MAC)
  414. Deep Purple (created by MAC)
  415. Ice Cream for Outlaws (created by MAC)
  416. Sleep and Dream (created by MAC)
  417. Pleasure Dome (created by MAC)
  418. Venison (created by MAC)
  419. Rabbit (created by MAC)
  420. Marlin (created by MAC)
  421. Lizard-Queen's Delight (created by MAC)
  422. Feathers (created by MAC)
  423. Falling in Love (created by MAC)
  424. Red Roses (created by MAC)
  425. Malice-Men (created by MAC)
  426. Warmness Abounding (created by MAC)
  427. Depression & Opppression (created by MAC)
  428. Signals from the Deep (created by MAC)
  429. Fire-Builders (created by MAC)
  430. Fire-Sustainers (created by MAC)
  431. Unknown Solider's Battle (created by MAC)
  432. Expedition (created by MAC)
  433. Invention (created by MAC)
  434. Planes of the New (created by MAC)
  435. Standard Flavour for the Young Writer's Forum (created by MAC)
  436. Broken Wings (created by MAC)
  437. Eggnog and Whipped Cream (created by MAC)
  438. Underwater Breathing (created by MAC)
  439. The Essence of CDs (created by MAC)
  440. New Handles (created by MAC)
  441. Lit Mags (created by MAC)
  442. Five to One (created by MAC)
  443. Pacifism (created by MAC)
  444. Oysters and Clams (created by MAC)
  445. Cinnamon Cream (created by MAC)
  446. Squid and Shark (created by MAC)
  447. Squid (created by MAC)
  448. Revolutions and War (created by MAC)
  449. Guitar Riffs (created by MAC)
  450. Gasoline (created by MAC)
  451. Oil (created by MAC)
  452. Bathing (created by MAC)
  453. Purple Lamp Shades (created by MAC)
  454. Fast Cars (created by MAC)
  455. Everest (created by MAC)
  456. K2 (created by MAC)
  457. Ice Axe (created by MAC)
  458. Vice Grips (created by MAC)
  459. Butterfinger (mix) (created by MAC)
  460. Pecan Prelude (created by MAC)
  461. Chocalate Chips and Tangerine (created by MAC)
  462. Tangerine (created by MAC)
  463. Wildebeasts (created by MAC)
  464. Wild Antelope (created by MAC)
  465. Grizzly Bear (created by MAC)
  466. Dragon's Fire of Wizards (created by MAC)
  467. Vo-Tech (created by MAC)
  468. Carrots and Potatos (created by MAC)
  469. Corn and Potatoes (created by MAC)
  470. Diamonds & Monkeys (created by MAC)
  471. Ewok Delight (created by MAC)
  472. Wisdom of the Anciet Ones (created by MAC)
  473. Love Street (created by MAC)
  474. Mean Street (created by MAC)
  475. Mysterys of the New Dawn (created by MAC)
  476. Mermaid (created by MAC)
  477. Porpoise (created by MAC)
  478. Manta Rays (created by MAC)
  479. Sweet Music (created by MAC)
  480. Bizarre Poerty Reading (created by MAC)
  481. Tusks (created by MAC)
  482. Little White Lies (created by MAC)
  483. Marching to Mars (created by MAC)
  484. Me Wise Magic (created by MAC)
  485. Red Earth of Newness (created by MAC)
  486. Saturn (created by MAC)
  487. Pluto (created by MAC)
  488. Venus (created by MAC)
  489. Jupiter (created by MAC)
  490. Zeus (created by MAC)
  491. Mercury (created by MAC)
  492. Neptune (created by MAC)
  493. Taniquetill (created by MAC)
  494. Carnival Dogs (created by MAC)
  495. Whiskey (created by MAC)
  496. Scotch (created by MAC)
  497. Red Wine (created by MAC)
  498. White Wine (created by MAC)
  499. Champagne (created by MAC)
  500. Wilderberry Wine (created by MAC)
  501. Strawberry Wine (created by MAC)
  502. Wine Coolers (created by MAC)
  503. Zima (created by MAC)
  504. Peanut Brittle with Cranberries (created by MAC)
  505. A-1 Sauce (Bold 'n' Spicy) (created by Andrew F)
  506. Cheeto's (created by Andrew F)
  507. Slinkey (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  508. Everclear (created by Andrew F)
  509. Hershey's Chocolate Scented Frisbee (created by Andrew F)
  510. Klah (created by Andrew F)
  511. Fellis Juice
  512. Packtail Slime
  513. Spiderclaw
  514. Bear Claw (created by Andrew F)
  515. Buffalo Jerky (created by Andrew F)
  516. Bacta Fluid (created by Andrew F)
  517. Tangent
  518. Open-Faced Peanut Butter Mouse Pad (created by Andrew F)
  519. Hundred-Dollar Bill (created by Andrew F)
  520. Chicken Pox (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  521. Random Purple Spots (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  522. Measles (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  523. Mumps (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  524. Rhubella (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  525. Influenza (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  526. Common Cold (created by Andrew F)
  527. Uncommon Cold (created by Sarah Kathryn)
  528. Disk drive (created by Keolah)
  529. CD-ROM (created by Keolah)
  530. Coaster (created by Keolah)
  531. Glitter (created by Keolah)
  532. Tinsel (created by Keolah)
  533. Fingernail (created by Keolah)
  534. Toenail (created by Keolah)
  535. Blister (created by Keolah)
  536. Mole (created by Keolah)
  537. Pimple (created by Keolah)
  538. Armpit (created by Keolah)
  539. Nostril (created by Keolah)
  540. Eyeball (created by Keolah)
  541. Tongue (created by Keolah)
  542. Shampoo and Conditioner (created by Keolah)
  543. Sting Ray (created by Keolah)
  544. Moray Eel (created by Keolah)
  545. Possum (created by Keolah)
  546. Rat (created by Keolah)
  547. Gully Dwarf (created by Keolah)
  548. Kender (created by Keolah)
  549. Christmas Card (created by Keolah)
  550. Ear of Van Gogh (created by Keolah)
  551. Two Sad Blisters
  552. Prandsome Hince
  553. Mogly Uther
  554. Babelfish (created by Andrew F)
  555. Dubloon (created by Andrew F)
  556. AOL Disk (created by Andrew F)
  557. Wax (created by Andrew F)
  558. Replicated Tomato Soup (created by Andrew F)
  559. Cheese & Tomato Soup Rice Casserole (created by Andrew F)
  560. Veal Parmagania (created by Andrew F)
  561. Diamond Nickalus Trumped Turnips in Green Fields (created by Andrew F)
  562. Flaming Futon (created by Andrew F)
  563. Honour (created by MAC)
  564. Respect (created by MAC)
  565. Dilapidated Old House (created by MAC)
  566. Dishonour (created by MAC)
  567. Disrespect (created by MAC)
  568. Chained to Depression (created by MAC)
  569. Faerie Spirits (created by MAC)
  570. Watches (created by MAC)
  571. Frogs Advocating Peace (created by MAC)
  572. Caught up in the Fast Lane (created by MAC)
  573. Rooster (created by MAC)
  574. Chicken (created by MAC)
  575. Chicks (created by MAC)
  576. Tires (created by MAC)
  577. Chained Tires (created by MAC)
  578. Snow (created by MAC)
  579. Christmas Trees (created by MAC)
  580. Christmas Decoration (created by MAC)
  581. Santa's Fav (created by MAC)
  582. The Lil' Elf's Fav (created by MAC)
  583. Muzak (created by MAC)
  584. Dental Work (created by MAC)
  585. Down in a Pit (created by MAC)
  586. Sludge Factory (created by MAC)
  587. Rock n' Roll Weekend (created by MAC)
  588. Sunday (created by MAC)
  589. Monday (created by MAC)
  590. Tuesday (created by MAC)
  591. Wednesday (created by MAC)
  592. Thursday (created by MAC)
  593. Friday (created by MAC)
  594. Saturday (created by MAC)
  595. R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement) (created by MAC)
  596. Calling on the Dogs (created by MAC)
  597. Dog (created by MAC)
  598. Horse (created by MAC)
  599. Live Records (created by MAC)
  600. Burning the Vinyl (created by MAC)
  601. Master/Slave (created by MAC)
  602. Play of Children (created by MAC)
  603. Flavour in Honour of Sara Fawbush (created by MAC)
  604. Flavour in Honour or Arthur (created by MAC)
  605. Flavour in Honour of Keolah (created by MAC)
  606. Flavour in Honour of Sarah (created by MAC)
  607. Flavour in Honour of Kristine (created by MAC)
  608. Flavour in Honour of The Forum (created by MAC)
  609. Flavour in Honour of Xeentar (created by MAC)
  610. Flavour in Honour of Brian (created by MAC)
  611. Flavour in Honour of Dawna (created by MAC)
  612. Flavour in Honour of Jack (created by MAC)
  613. Flavour in Honour of Mark J (created by MAC)
  614. Given to Drive (created by MAC)
  615. Flying Pigs (created by MAC)
  616. Laughing Cantrels (created by MAC)
  617. Hornet's Honey (created by MAC)
  618. Ice Cube (created by MAC)
  619. Dr. Trye (created by MAC)
  620. Chains (created by MAC)
  621. Balbados (created by MAC)
  622. Babushka!! (created by MAC)
  623. Originality (created by MAC)
  624. Michael Jordan's Fav Flavour (created by MACh)
  625. Lamp (created by MAC)
  626. Lamp Shade (created by MAC)
  627. Phone Jack (created by MAC)
  628. Jack the Phone (created by MAC)
  629. Fish (created by MAC)
  630. Net (created by MAC)
  631. Fried 72-year-old Unpublished Children's Writer Substitute Economics Teacher (a joint project of Keolah and Xeentar1)
  632. Spice Girl (made with real Spice Girls)
  633. Spice Water (created by MAC)
  634. Blind walkers (created by MAC)
  635. Starships (created by MAC)
  636. Celebrations (created by MAC)
  637. Music Feast (created by MAC)
  638. Coldness Be Warned (created by MAC)
  639. Dremlin (created by MAC)
  640. Elevators and Escalators (created by MAC)
  641. Frogs (created by MAC)
  642. Emotinal Furniture (created by MAC)
  643. Pecan Shells (created by MAC)
  644. Summer Nites in Alaska (created by MAC)
  645. Groovin' with Tunes (created by MAC)
  646. Emorticons (created by MAC)
  647. Wings of Pelicans (created by MAC)
  648. Pelican Heads (created by MAC)
  649. Tyler Devoo (created by MAC)
  650. Chasm of Dwellings (created by MAC)
  651. Bells and Shires (created by MAC)
  652. Substitute Teacher's Fav (created by MAC)
  653. Wild-Eyed Crab gets relief (created by MAC)
  654. Petiton the Gord with Mares (created by MAC)
  655. Blazing Fire-balls (created by MAC)
  656. Floorbe (created by MAC)
  657. Encouragement (created by MAC)
  658. Frustration (created by MAC)
  659. Stress (created by MAC)
  660. Dillegence (created by MAC)
  661. Sweet Delight (created by MAC)
  662. Power Ballads (created by MAC)
  663. Desk of the Newbie Elves (created by MAC)
  664. Recommended Flavour for Forum newbies (created by MAC)
  665. Most Recommended Flavour on the Ice Cream List (created by MAC)
  666. Stereo Speakers (created by MAC)
  667. Silken Gowns (created by MAC)
  668. Sliver Lights (created by MAC)
  669. Grey Herodians (created by MAC)
  670. The Essences of Grey (created by MAC)
  671. Kleenex (created by Keolah)
  672. Surge Can (created by Keolah)
  673. Staples (created by Keolah)
  674. Diaper (created by Keolah)
  675. Mustache (created by Keolah)
  676. Beard (created by Keolah)
  677. Rolly Polly Teddy Bear (created by Keolah)
  678. Soy (created by Keolah)
  679. Violin (created by Keolah)
  680. Trumpet (created by Keolah)
  681. Baton (created by Keolah)
  682. Diced Algebra Teacher (created by Keolah)
  683. Physics Teacher on a Rope (created by Keolah)
  684. eggs and bacon (created by Ckwrc)
  685. green eggs and ham (created by Ckwrc)
  686. Poptart (created by Ckwrc)
  687. pancakes and syrup (created by Ckwrc)
  688. grilled cheese sandwich (created by Ckwrc)
  689. chicken noodle soup (created by Ckwrc)
  690. cheeseburger & fries (created by Ckwrc)
  691. Kraft Dinner (created by Ckwrc)
  692. Steak and potatoes (created by Ckwrc)
  693. meatloaf and ketchup (created by Ckwrc)
  694. fried chicken (created by Ckwrc)
  695. turkey dinner (created by Ckwrc)
  696. Spam, spam, sausage, and spam
  697. Tuna-Cheez Whiz (created by Cheerful)
  698. Cat hair (created by Cheerful)
  699. Steak and gravy (created by Cheerful)
  700. Milk Bone (created by Cheerful)
  701. Butchershop Floor (created by Cheerful)
  702. Mystery Chunk (created by Cheerful)
  703. Lasagne (created by Cheerful)
  704. Bill Clinton's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  705. Hilary Clinton's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  706. Bob Dole's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  707. Ross Perot's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  708. Newt Gingrich's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  709. Bill Gates's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  710. Alex Trebek's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  711. Captain Kirk's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  712. Adrian Paul's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  713. The Trash Can Containing Keo's Ashes Which Adrian Was Protecting
  714. Darth Vader's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  715. Princess Leia's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  716. Luke Skywalker's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  717. Han Solo's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  718. Chewbacca's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  719. Captain Picard's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  720. Deanna Troi's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  721. William Riker's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  722. Data's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  723. Yogi Bear's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  724. Papa Smurf's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  725. Smurfette's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  726. The Monkey's Uncle's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  727. Baby Purple's Favourite Flavour (created by Keolah)
  728. Stewed, Brewed Microsoft (created by Keolah)
  729. Drawn and Quartered Netscape (created by Keolah)
  730. Bold (created by Keolah)
  731. Italic (created by Keolah)
  732. Underlined (created by Keolah)
  733. Blinking (created by Keolah)
  734. Millennium Falcon (created by Keolah)
  735. Blown-Up TIE Fighter (made with real debris) (created by Keolah)
  736. Death Star (created by Keolah)
  737. Star Destroyer (created by Keolah)
  738. Stormtrooper Rations (created by Keolah)
  739. Jedi Delight (created by Keolah)
  740. Jeffries Tube (created by Keolah)
  741. Warp Core (created by Keolah)
  742. Dilithium (created by Keolah)
  743. Trilithium (created by Keolah)
  744. Barion Sweep (sp?) (created by Keolah)
  745. Class M Planet (created by Keolah)
  746. Klingon Blood Pie (created by Keolah)
  747. Elf (created by Keolah)
  748. Dwarf (created by Keolah)
  749. Gnome (created by Keolah)
  750. Gnomish Contraption (created by Keolah)
  751. The Official Flavour of the Solamnic Knights (created by Keolah)
  752. Over-Used Delete Key (created by Keolah)
  753. Flavour in Honour of Free Guestbooks (created by Keolah)
  754. Flavour in Honour of Free Homepages (created by Keolah)
  755. Flavour in Honour of Free Counters (created by Keolah)
  756. Flavour in Honour of Free E-mail (created by Keolah)
  757. Flavour in Honour of Free Internet Access (created by Keolah)
  758. The Official Flavour of the Dragonriders of Pern (created by Keolah)
  759. Belgian Waffles (created by Keolah)
  760. Eiffel Tower (created by Keolah)
  761. Empire State Building (created by Keolah)
  762. Space Needle (created by Keolah)
  763. Berlin Wall (created by Keolah)
  764. Bubbly Pie
  765. Ista Fruit Confection
  766. Redfruit Special
  767. Roasted Wherry
  768. sand castle (created by Cheerful)
  769. broken eraser (created by Cheerful)
  770. discarded wrapping paper (created by Cheerful)
  771. broken beads (created by Cheerful)
  772. Christmas tree spills (created by Cheerful)
You just are not going to believe this, but the list got cut off at this point. Sara literally cannot add any more to the code of this page. So click here for more flavours.

See any duplicates or typos? (BTW, "Cherry Couch Syrup" and "Emorticons" are not typos.) Want to add your own flavour? E-mail Sara F. If you are suggesting a flavour, please make sure Sara knows who to attribute it to, or she'll just use your e-mail address.

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