Sara F

Sara Fawbush is an 18-year-old college student wrapping up her second semester. She's currently just starting second sememster and hoping it will be more challenging than first. She also works part-time at a real estate appraisal office (huge plug: e-mail for information about appraisals in Monroe Co., IN, and surrounding counties--not that anyone reading this probably needs appraisals done...) as a secretary/errand-runner/computer person/etc. She has one younger brother and her parents are still married. She lives in Ellettsville, Indiana (aka "that place near Bloomington" or "nowhere") and recently graduated from Edgewood High School. She writes poetry and some short fiction, plus a lot of really strange prose that she doesn't know how to classify.

Sara also doesn't have much of a life to write about, so she's going to shut up before her imagination takes over.

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