The War of the Young Writers' Forum

Or, The Juniors vs. the Seniors (and others)

Originally appeared in Inkspot's young writers' forum.

Note from Sara: There is one post--or maybe it was two--missing from the beginning of this because I didn't save it in time. It was just a comment from me about how the seniors rule and we were going to take over or something like that.

Sara F


Meanwhile, in the other corner, a soft buzz eminates from a group of figures cloaked in darkness. Suddenly, the huddle breaks, and the figures emerge from the shadows, wearing devilish grins. One steps forward, further into the light.

"I'm sorry," the figure says, only half-earnestly. "We seem to have failed to mention the existence of our secret armies."

[suspenseful music]

Sara F:

Sara F smiles serenely and points to the sky, which is suddenly dark with huge, flying bodies--dragons, and a whole army of them. From the shadows behind her emerge a horde of huge, hungry-looking serpents.

"You were saying?..." she says. :)


Brian cackles and says,"All right, if you mortals want to play hardball, so be it!"

He gesticulates as if he is climbing a rope, and suddenly a violet, amorphous shape begins to bubble and froth in the atmosphere. A soft buzz eminates from the blob, and a slight electric current cuts through the air.

"The seventh dimension," Brian's disembodied voice chants, "is where our true capabilities lie. You may follow us, if you'd your DOOM!! MWA HA HA!!"

Sara F:

Sara F sighs and waits patiently for Brian to tell her where the hell he got the idea that there WAS a seventh dimension. She soon tires of waiting and waves one hand almost negligently. Brian's fireworks disappear, leaving him bewildered as the Goddess, forced to reveal her identity, lashes out with a lightning bolt which strikes just inches from his feet...


A tall woman with midnight black hair, clad in a bloodred cloak, laughs with malice as she watches this little exchange.

"How juvenile," she scoffs to herself, stepping out from behind her invisible shield. "Really, my children," she yawns, "whenEVER did you get so childish?! Your, ahem, "powers" are so AMUSING!" Brian and Sara F. turn to look at their mutual enemy.

"Why, Talia!" Sara F. exclaims sarcastically, "how nice to see you again! I'd almost forgotten what it was like to come face to face with a witch!"

"Well, my dear, we musn't have that!" Talia replies breezily. As Talia continues talking, Brian inconspicuously reaches into his pocket, a look of triumph on his face...


...and the names of the ropes by which Brian was immobilized were Homework, Evil Parents, and Cross Country.

Brian moans quite distinctly.

Brian realizes that the Goddess forgot to bind his legs, and he sprints into the Portal. His body is disassembled from this reality and swept into another time period, later in the message thread....

Note: The following was written before Brian's return. It was assumed that he was still there.

Sara F:

Sara F sees Brian's attempt to eliminate Talia coming. "Stay out of this!" she sneers at him. "She's mine!" The Goddess waves her hand again and Brian suddenly finds himself tied and gagged.

"So you want to fight, eh?" she asks, turning to Talia. "All right. I'll even give you first strike, since you are so obviously at a disadvantage."


As Sara F waits for Talia to strike, a lone figure emerges on the horizon, riding a midnight stallion. Arriving at the scene, she jumps from her horse and spies Brian, bound and gagged. A bright blue light cascades from her hand and Brian's binds snap and she helps him to his feet. As he opens his mouth to question the newcomer, the Goddess finally spots her.


Brian breathes a sigh of relief.

"Thank God someone's on my side," he remarks.

Sara F:

Before Brian can say anything, anything at all, the Goddess decides that it is time to call for her fellow deities. She mutters a few words in the old Celtic tongue and then a few more in a language which no human has spoken for millenia. Finally, she sends out the CALL.

"My fellow Seniors, come to my aid!"

Glowing, nebulous forms appear around her--the other Seniors.


"Oh, so you can't handle me by yourself, can you?" Talia asked smugly. "Well, well. I guess it's my turn to bring out the reinforcements."

The evil witch raised her left hand and snapped once, twice, three times. In a low voice, almost a growl, she muttered something unaudible. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and a gloomy fog started seeping into the room. Through cracks in the walls and holes in the ceiling. It was all around them. They were swimming in it, drowning in it. Visions floated past them, of hideous monsters and blood. There was no sound. No sound--except for the laughter, the maniacal laughter, of Talia. She raised her arms again, and there was a blinding white flash.

And suddenly, it was silent.

Brian, Kate, and Sara F. all stood still as statues, their eyes wide and searching, as seven figures materialized in front of them...

Sara F:

Sara F quickly recovers. "I believe this is getting out of hand," she says. "You know, don't you, that we will destroy the mortal world if we finish this little contest? Being the kind, caring Goddess that I am, I am going to do everything I can to prevent that."


Kate's hysterical laughter is heard in the background. "As if you could stop it." Kate hisses to the Goddess. She raises her hand and absorbs the dense fog created by Talia. "I, on the other hand, can. If I so desire."...


Talia rolls her eyes, and waves her hand impatiently. The seven floating figures transform into seven vicious wolves, all foaming at the mouth. They all crouch to the ground, ready to attack. "No, not yet, my pets," Talia interrupted. "Sara F. and Kate do have a point." She sighed deeply and then continued. "We wouldn't want to completely annihilate (spelling?) the human race," she agrees, shaking her head. "Who would I have to control?" the evil witch asked, laughing merrily. "Well, I guess we must move our little, ahem, `argument' to elsewhere." She snapps her fingers twice, and starts to rise above the others. "Come!" she calls to the wolves. "Onward and upward!" she shouts, raising one hand high above her head. "To the third dimension!"


Somewhere in space and time, Brian's confused voice is heard:

"I thought we already lived in three dimensions?"

Sara F:

The Goddess smiles sweetly. "I'm afraid we are already in the third dimension, dear," she says in the manner of a mother explaining to her child. "It is, as you may recall, the dimension of tangible things, of size and shape and pure solid substance. Let's spice this up a little, shall we? Let's take this to the PLACE of time, of Power, and of pure mind. To the fourth dimension." She smiles serenely and fades out of sight.

A whisper of her voice calls back to Brian, Kate, and Kelly. "Follow me... If you dare."


Talia huffs haughtily, and looks over at the spot Sara F. had been just a moment before. "I know that we're in the third dimension!" she shouts loudly, hoping Sara F. can hear her. "I was just testing you!"

Then she claps her hand once, and a black limo suddenly appears. She gracefully slips inside and calls out to the remaining three, "Well? Are you coming?" before closing the door with a slam.

Sara F:

In the fourth dimension, there is no matter as we know it. There is only mind, energy, and Power--the combination of mind with energy. Since the Goddess has arrived first, she is the first to take advantage of the Power which swirls around her, blasting Kelly back into the third dimension as she steps through the door.

A thought drifts through the nothingness. )Care to try again?( it asks.


Brian materializes from the seventh dimension and remarks,"Oh ho, ho ho ho!"

Then he remembers that his purpose in logging onto the Internet tonight was to gather information for an assignment. How silly he was to think that he would have free time this evening! Ha!

Brian reluctantly evaporates from the Fourth Dimension and begins to take care of business outside the scope of a frivolous tale spawned by reasons unknown.

Sara F:

The Goddess watches Brian disappear and sighs. She wonders if he remembers that he helped start this story--and then wonders if it isn't getting a little long.


Talia sits sprawled on the ground of the third dimension. "Why that little..." she grumbles, gingerly climbing to her feet. She pushes her disheveled hair out of her eyes, and brushes off her cloak. "Hmphh!" she mutters indignantly. "How dare that little witch do that to me! I think she deserves a taste of her own medicine," Talia muses, her injured pride slowly repairing itself. Her face brightens. "Yes, I think she does." Now she looks positively happy. Happy--and devious. She stamps her foot, and immediately a huge bubble closes around her. Another stamp and Talia and her bubble disappear through the Portal.

As Talia steps into the fourth dimension once again, the Goddess is ready for her. A great flash of lightning shoots toward her, but she doesn't blink. As the lightning approaches the bubble, a great explosion occurs, and Sara F. suddenly disappears. As the smoke clears, there stands Talia, unharmed and triumphant.

Sara F. looks around in confusion. She is no longer in the fourth dimension, and not the third either. In fact, she is not in any dimension at all...

Sorry, it's so long- I lost track of the length. And yes, it's getting too long. What to do?


Out of nowhere a tall figure robed in white appears.

She smiles.

"I will end this," she whispers, "for I am tired of your squabbles, children. You see, you have forgotten something. . ."

She lifts up her hands.

"Truth! Reality! Life! Humanity! Come hither!"

The warriors find themselves in a pleasent field. A girl with brown hair and glasses greets them. She looks familiar. . .

"Hi guys," she says. "welcome back to reality. I have a question for you. Look on the top of the forum!"

The warriors disappear, and find themselves now seated in front of computers. The war is over. They look at the top of the forum. . .

Thus ended the war between the classes in Inkspot. Some rejoiced, for there was peace; some mourned, for a good story had been cut short. But perhaps, one day, a new war will come, and then the seniors will triumph...

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