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Here it is--my new, improved lyrics page. I have been slowly adding to the collection and found it growing enough to warrant a redesign. Below you will find links to specific artists, rather than a table of all songs. And, for those of you who prefer it the old way, there's a link to the entire list as well. Most of the artist pages contain only one or two songs; with some notable exceptions (i.e. Mariah Carey, who only ever did one album I could stand) I hope to add more in the future. (The future is defined as "whenever I have time and the mood strikes me".) With any luck, perhaps I can get some information about the artists up as well.

You will need to use the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page as the lyrics are contained in plain-text files, not HTML files, and therefore cannot contain links. Sorry. Deal with it. ;)

Disclaimer: I am in no way claiming these lyrics to be my own work, nor am I making any money from their display. I have not contacted any of these artists for permission to display their work. I am not responsible for any use anyone else might have for these lyrics. If the fact that I have them displayed bothers someone officially connected with an artist listed here, I encourage that person to e-mail me and let me know; I will be happy to remove lyrics by a particular artist if it is offending that artist or their "people".

Complete Listing


Tori Amos
Fiona Apple


The Bangles
David Bowie
Meredith Brooks


Mariah Carey
Eric Clapton Includes Cream and Derek and the Dominoes
Paula Cole
Cream See Clapton, Eric


John Denver
Derek and the Dominoes See Clapton, Eric


The Eagles
Melissa Etheridge


Fleetwood Mac Includes Peter Greene's Fleetwood Mac but NOT anyone's solo work.


Goo Goo Dolls


Bruce Hornsby


The Indigo Girls


Jars of Clay
Billy Joel


Led Zeppelin


Loreena McKinnet
Sarah McLachlan
Abra Moore
Alanis Morisette
Briege Murphy


Carrie Newcomer
Niamh Parsons and the Loose Connections See also Murphy, Briege, and Waits, Tom
Stevie Nicks See also Fleetwood Mac




Savage Garden


Tom Waits
Andrew Lloyd Webber & Co. (Mostly from Cats, lyrics really by T.S. Elliot.)

See a mistake in the list? Have a suggestion for something to add? Please let me know! (I can't promise that I'll get to adding anything new, especially until gets their server back, but I'll try.)
Mistakes in the lyrics are not my responsibility as I was not the one who transcribed most of them. Most came from; others came from personal web pages like this one. The few I did transcribe came directly from the liner notes of the CD.
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