The Murder of Lady Jane

by 15 below zero

One day in crisp February Lady Jane fell
Soft and still... This is the story I will tell.

The dayís proceedings had been usual and calm,
Until Jane said a foolish word to the one she called Mom.
Mom answered back in a flash with a cry
And a glint of silver. Jane tried to pry
The knife from Momís hand, but she wasnít strong
Enough and it didnít take Mom long
to take Lady Jane down to the ground.
Now Mom hadnít intended for this to happen and wound
Up turning herself in to the police
And confessing her deed to bring herself peace.
But moms will be moms, so the peace didnít last,
So she popped some pills and killed herself fast.
Well, it turned out that Lady Jane wasnít dead,
Only pretending to be to mess with Momís head.
But now Mom was gone
And Jane was no longer a pawn
To Momís queen. She was free
But still it seemed she could not be
What she wanted. It didnít take long until Jane understood
That because of her Mom she could not be what she would.
That her mother had killed her, though not with a knife,
But with simple words spoken every day of her life.

So the moral of the story is: Be careful of what you say--
You think words donít count, but they just may.

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