The Semi-Collected Adventures of Alex

Yeah, I know. What a title. Yippee. As I've said on each section of this story, please do not link to this page (or to any section of the story) or give out the address to it (or any other part of the story). To anyone. Including your best friend, significant other, parents, dog, siblings, fellow Forumers -- anyone. This is one of the few cases in which I'd like to exercise some control over who sees my work and who doesn't. Since, by that logic, you should know what this is all about if you're reading this intro, I'll skip right to the table of contents. Below are links to each "section" (had to divide it up into several sections because the HTML files were too big; section divisions have nothing to do with the plotline) and to each individual "chapter". (Chapters are not generally longer than a page or two, although some are as long as six or seven--I think.) I suggest you start at the beginning. *G* Come back later to see if I've added any chapters.

Please note that the chapters are listed here in chronological order--that is, in the order they'd be in if they were in a book. Which they aren't, of course. However, they are numbered in the order I wrote them in. So Chapter One was written first and does not appear until the end of Part One. Sorry for the confusion.

Table of Contents
Last Updated 28. May 99

Asterisks denote chapters which will probably be trashed. A double asterisk indicates that a change was made to the chapter last time I uploaded it; new chapters as of the last upload are in italics. Most, if not all, chapters have major changes planned for them--as soon as I get off my lazy behind and do it.

Current approximate total wordcount: 10,760.