Knots 'n' Such

I doodle in my spare time. Lately, I've been doing Celtic-type knots an awful lot, as well as some stuff that doesn't quite look the same but is similar. Below are links to some examples.
Yes, I'm aware they are a little blurry. Hopefully, they aren't too bad. I have no access to a scanner, so I had to make do with taking pictures of them with a digital camera. *shrug* Whatever works.

KnotsNot Quite Knots
The Big Knot 39.5K. Interlocked Y's 11.8K.
Interlocked Loops 22.7K. A Heart* 8.88K.
Interlocked Squares 22.3K. Letter: T 34.4K.
2 Rings 12.4K. Star 1 26.7K.
Quartered Circle 38.5K. Star 2 36.9K.
Eternity 1 9.38K. Double Circle 13.7K.
Double Circle 14.3K. Circle in a Square 14.7K.
Eternity 2 11.4K A Cross 21.7K.
More Squares** 21.3K. My Initials 15.1K.
Green Circles** 13.8K. Triple Circle 8.45K.
Triple Circle 15.5K. Rectangle 20.0K.
Eternity/Heart 14.2K. Circle in Eighths 14.7K.
A Ring (HTML document.)
My Future Initials 12.3K.
Square in a Circle 10.0K.
Oval in a Rectangle 13.4K.

*The heart has been touched up using Paint (for Win95). It's a little grainy, but much clearer than it had been. (Yes, I'm aware there are better graphics programs out there. I can't afford any. I'm a college student. I can't afford anything.) I will not use the same process to touch up the others, especially the "big knot". My hands are still cramping from doing just the heart.
**These were created with Paint; everything else is hand-drawn.

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