The Story Thus Far, Continued:

"We had to put a spell on you as a precaution"

"As a precaution against what!" I shouted. "What could they possibly want with my memories? I don't know anything which would be worth even half of the effort I've seen. By both you and Zanthrol. I've only got my magic and my family. I'm not really interested in anything else, really! I don't care what you and Zanthrol are up to!"

"What could I possibly know which could make you both seek me with such desperacy?"

by Sandy


"There is a very simple answer to that question" he replied. "When you went to Zanthrol's lair, you discovered a secret which has been hidden for many years. A secret which has been sought by numerous magicians and sorcerers alike.

"When Zanthrol realised that you were the key to obtaining the 'Orb of Destruction' he set out to find you and extract the information he needed, by any means necessary.

"We only heard about this on the same day which you were captured. I knew then that it was of vital importance that we find a way that would ensure that Zanthrol did not learn of the actual location of the orb. If he found the orb then it would be the end of us all.

"Through the power of the Orb, Zanthrol would be capable of many dastardly deeds. He would gain unimagenable power which would make world dominance seem as easy as casting a fire spell!"

I pondered on these revelations, wondering wether or not I should believe what he was telling me. After all, the shapeshifter did try to kill me more than once and my friends are still being held as prisoners within his dungeons.

"Why should I believe what you're telling me? How do I know that you are not just telling your version of the truth?"

"After all you've gone through at the hands of Zanthrol and you still don't believe what I'm telling you!" he replied incredluously. "Why do you think you felt compelled to come to this place? You knew how dangerous your coming here would be yet you still came!"

"When I placed the memory loss spell on you I also added a subliminal message telling you to go straight here if you escaped. I need the information you hold! It is vital for our survival!"

"Why should I trust you? You've done nothing to convince me that you are telling the truth or that we are on the same side!"

"I can reverse my spell so that you can remember what happened within the tunnels" he replied.

I wish that I had someone to discuss this with. This is all too much. I can barely remember who I am never mind who's side I should be on! I am still undecided about his sincerity and what he really wants to get from me. I guess the safest bet is to go along with what he says, for now, and see what happens. If you think of it, what do I have to lose. (Apart from my mind!!)

"So lets get to it!" I replied. "Don't forget that I know what you are doing and I can tell the difference between a memory spell and a spontanious combustion spell! If there is even a hint that you are casting a spell other than the memory spell then I shall have to kill you! Don't think that I wouldn't. I'm not the kind of girl who lets people walk over her."

I knew that this was all just big talk and I was hoping that he wouldn't play my bluff as I still could not remember much of my magic.

He began his incantation to remove the spell he had placed on me. "An al nath rack, outh thal meth ad, Ana lah outh bethad, an al nath rack.........."

I could feel the fog shifting and thinning out in my mind. It seemed as if I was slowly being guided down the path of my life and down the road of enlightenment. As the seconds passed by the more enlightened I felt.................

In my minds eye I could see myself entering into Zanthrol's domain, disguised as one of his guards. I knew that this could be a very dangerous mission, but it was my duty, as my father's daughter, to protect his kingdom at all costs.

I had heard, through the underground of lurkers, that Zanthrol was getting closer to finding the 'Orb of Destruction'. I knew what the consequences of the orb getting into his hands, so it was imperative that I did not let it happen.

If Zanthrol's got hold of the Orb then the Kingdom and all it's people would be brought to their knees! That would be a very dark day for our Kingdom indeed.

I entered his lair by one of the lower passageways so as not to draw attention to myself. I gradually worked my way along the tunnels, moving out of sight when I heard any of the other guards heading towards me. I was passing another turnoff to the left when I began to feel this pulling sensation. It was as if someone or something had me hooked onto the end of a fishing line and was reeling me in.

I had no real control over what direction I was going. I just followed where I was being pulled. As I got further down the tunnels the pull became stronger. Obviously, whatever was pulling me, was close...........

"Do you remember anything about where the Orb is?" he probed impatiently.

It took me a moment to answer him as the mists of my last few days flitted through my minds-eye. I decided that now was not the time to reveal what I knew or was yet to remember. "It's still a bit hazy, the spell has not completely worn off yet" I replied. I was still not clear on what actually when on in those tunnels..............

by Sandy


A thought sddenly occured to me. I schooled my expression, not wanting him to know that anything was wrong, but my heart sank.

If he could restore my memory, couldn't he manufacture memories for me?

by Angel's Star


This thought really worried me and I was very unsettled.

How could I trust anyone else if I couldn't even trust myself!

So what do I do now? I asked myself. I could try to escape by casting my invisibility spell again but that wouldn't help my friends. It occurred to me that the only way I would be able to get any information, on what was really happening, is by casting a truth spell on Zanthrol. With any luck he will not have prepared himself for this counter attack for information.

A plan formed in my mind. The more I thought about it the better it sounded. I decided that I would cast a truth spell on Zanthrol, so that I could gain the information I needed. Once this was complete then I would cast a memory block spell so that he would have no knowledge of the fact that I know the whole truth of the situation. With the full information I will then be able to make a better decision on my next course of action and who's side I really am on!

I sat on the chair, which was offered to me, and waited patiently until I had the opportunity to be alone with Zantrhol. I couldn't risk rushing into the situation as he would soon suspect what I was up to and cast a counter-spell. There was also the problem of the guards. With them being so close it was difficult to cast my spell. If they heard me saying the spell then they could soon put an end to it, through either gagging or beating me. I don't really fancy either of those outcomes!

The moment I had been waiting for had finally arrived some time later. I knew that I had to make the most of it while I had the opportunity as it was unlikely that I would get another chance.

Zanthrol was pacing back and forward in the room and was in a fit of rage due to the fact that I still could not remember where the Orb was. Well, that's a lie. I have remembered but I am still wary of letting him know where I hid it. I cast a spell on myself to prevent any of his magic from working on me. God only knows what was going on in that twisted mind of his!

I heard him send two of his guards off on some errand. This provided me with the opportunity I had been waiting for and I knew what I had to do... I bowed my head, as if in prayer, and quickly began to whisper the necessary works for the truth spell. Time was of the essence as it was important that I finish the incantation before he realised what I was doing.

When the spell was complete, he jerked his head around and looked at me suspiciously. "What are you doing?" he asked sharply.

"I'm praying for my friends. I'm praying that they break out and escape from this Godforsaken place!" I replied sarcastically.

He laughed at this and replied incredulously, "Your God can't help them! They are in my hands now and it will take more than your pitiful prayers to help them out of these castle dungeons!"

I let him continue with his blatant gloating for a few minutes while I gathered my wits about me. It was really difficult to know what side Zanthrol was actually on. He switched from being the good guy, to being the bad guy, with the same ease as a Jester takes off his mask.

I decided to start with the most important issue at hand.

"What do you really want from me?"

He looked surprised when his mouth started to form the answer. I could almost sense his mind screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!, as the words started to tumble from is quivering lips.

by Sandy

"What I really want from you is..", just at this important moment he suddenly collasped unconscious on the floor as my truth spell was interputted.

I looked around the room trying to pinpoint the source that could have interuppted my truth spell that's when I heard a chuckling voice. It was then I realised that it must have been Chinky a mischievous fairy. I cast a spell of relevation to reveal where Chinky is. A few moments later I saw a sm Could it be possible that all the hallways in Zantrol's castle or am I under some form of illusion spell?

It was then I heard a rustling sound in the hallway I immedialately took a look and to my horror I saw.....

by Tan Choon Kiat

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