Midnight Ravings of a Crazed Lunatic

I sit and stare at the clock. Mmory flashes.

The Clock is your enemy, someone says. I turn and watch as they play--red on black, black on red. Sevens on eights on nines on tens. For a time, I am too dizzy to think. That is when I know I am lost, for I cannot regain my balance.

I listen to the clock. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

No, don't! I cannot stand it any longer. My screams echo through the halls as warm, red liquid streams over my hands. It keeps getting hotter and hotter until it burns me. Suddenly, I no longer care about the pain. I laugh and laugh and laugh. My bloody hands cover my face and it, too, is painted red, the red of life, the scarlet of passion, the crimson of flame.

The clock strikes twelve. Bells, bells, bells, I think.

A blackbird floats in on the breeze. It cackles and repeats the damning phrase it was told to say over and over until I lock myself inside of an abbey to escape death. It comes anyway, and I barely escape from the falling House. I hear a heartbeat. Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump. Tick, tock, tick, tock...

I sigh with relief. Midnight is over.

The clock flashes 12:00 again.


I look around me. I can see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing. I don't even know if my eyes are really open. Where am I? I think I am in The Void. The second between Life and Death. But why have I been here so long?

I sigh, but cannot hear it. I scream, without effect. No one can hear me, no matter how loudly I bellow. Not even me. I begin to wonder if I am still sane.

And then--light. Brilliant, dazzling light comes out of nowhere. It blinds me. Suddenly, I can feel myself falling. I can hear a booming voice say to me, "Accursed one, you have fouled your soul by your actions. Therefore, you will stay forever in Hell, doomed never to escape it. Begone!"

I am plunged into The Void once more. I am in Hell.