Lately I have noticed quite a bit of general prejudice and stereotyping in the local media concerning teens. I am curious about whether or not other people agree with me. I am greatly disturbed by what I see. There was an article in the paper that implied that all teens are irresponsible lumps of hormones, unable to think beyond their own desires; now I'm hearing previews on the radio for a TV show about what dangerous drivers teens are. I appreciate the input of anyone who cares to give it on this matter. Anyone, of any age; not just teens.

I will (if I get the time) periodically post results from this poll. Please be aware that in answering this survey you are agreeing to allow me to post any comments you might make unless you specify otherwise. I will of course keep names and e-mail addresses confidential, and both of those fields are optional anyhow.

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What do you think ought to be the minimum legal drinking age?
At what age do you think most people lose their virginity?

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  1. I think that all teenagers are irresponsible.
  2. I think that teenagers are steretyped as irresponsible.
  3. I think that if teenagers were not stereotyped they would be more inclined to be responsible.
  4. I think that teenagers should not be allowed to drive.
  5. I think that adults underestimate teenagers' potential.
  6. I think that teenagers need to think for themselves, not blindly follow guidelines set by society.
  7. I think that most teenagers' descisions are ruled by their personal desires and whims, not by logic.
  8. I think that some teenagers are mature adults.
  9. I think that teenagers should not be allowed unsupervised use of the Internet.
  10. I think that all teens drive too fast.

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